Thursday, February 19, 2015


Have I mentioned how much I hate passwords?  Oh, yeah, I have....many times.  Anyway, they have once again kicked me in the butt-tock.  My collection of multi-colored sticky notes attached to the inside of one of my desk drawers, containing various passwords written in my own secret code, have become a bit too secret.  I suppose I no longer trust myself with my own passwords, as I can't decipher any of them.

I found on my desk a survey request from my vet.  When I last took the dog there they asked that I fill it out and send it in to HQ.  It seems it becomes part of their job evaluation and a kind word would be appreciated.  

So I fired up the 'puter and, following instructions, was directed to a website.  You guessed it, the first thing it required is that I sign in.  Sign in to an account I haven't used in years, with an account password that has long since gone the way of the Dodo bird.  Sorry vets.  I'd love to help, but my lack of a #%&* password won't let me.

Then I just read one of my favorite blogs, The Chubby Chatterbox, where he asked that readers go to a site that published one of his stories and leave a comment there.  I tried, but once again it asked for my Wordpress account name and the dreaded password.  And once again....crash and burn.  I tried using a couple of passwords that I vaguely remember from back in the day, but without luck.  Sorry Stephen, I tried.  :(

Hard as I might want to be an active participant in things 21st Century-ish, at heart I guess I'm just a yellow pad and #2 pencil kind of guy.  *sigh*


EDIT:  On another recent occasion I was locked out of an account so I thought I'd just re-register.  Problem was, it wouldn't accept any of my email addresses, or my first name, or my back name.  Out of frustration I tried to register as F__K Y_U, but they said that was inappropriate. 

I'm thinking of putting a hacker on retainer, just to get me into my own accounts.


  1. someday your thumb print will replace passwords. By the time that happens, I will forget which digit is my thumb.

  2. Same thing on sites that you can only comment if you have Google+. I don't care to give Google all the personal information they require and create another password to forget, so can't comment on them.

  3. I only have one password and I use it for everything. I know this is said to be a bad thing to do, but I could never remember all the passwords I'm told I need. My password is extremely obtuse, but i imagine anything can be hacked.

    1. Hmmm...I going to guess Chatterbox1

  4. Yep, VERY frustrating! And also different sites have different rules - there are some sites I have to access for work that require a special character (like @%$) & other ones that won't take a special character. Urgh.

  5. I can't even remember how many different passwords I have to have just at work! And they warn you to not share them with anyone, or to write them down. Well, I hope nobody ever finds that post-it stuck on the back side of my phone...

  6. I typed a list. It fills an 8-1/2 by 11 inche sheet of paper, single spaced. It takes forever for me to find the right one when I have to go to the list. Then I have to find my glasses. By the time I finally get logged on to the website, I've forgotten why I wanted to. And "they" said computers would simplify our lives.