Friday, February 19, 2016

Ever wonder who "owns" your favorite politician?

Well, now you know.

Here is the list of donations to presidential candidate Super Pacs (minimum $10,000 per donation) for calendar year 2015.  Early in 2015 Jeb! Bush was the anticipated GOP nominee and it showed by the immense war chest he accumulated, 43% of it from Wall Street donors.  By the second half of the year he had fizzled, and he had no new donations.

Next came Tea Party wunderkid Teddy Cruz, the guy who wants us to believe he is NOT part of the establishment....except someone forgot to tell Wall Street, where a whopping 57% of his PAC money came from.  Or maybe they were just being kind to Theodore's wife, who is a partner at Goldman Sachs.  *shhhhhhh*

Surprising (to me at least) is Hillary Clinton, who came in 3rd.  I would have thought she and Bill would have had deeper tentacles into the Banking Class.

Last were The Donald and The Bernie, who had no Super PAC money at all.  And both are VERY serious contenders, which I'll betcha is totally chapping Wall Street's ass!  *snicker*

For those of you who have read my diatribes to date vilifying Rafael Edward Mother Teresa Martin Luther "Ted" Cruz and asked, "Why Scott, what do you mean he's not what he seems?  He's such a nice boy.  Just last week I got a nice note from God Almighty Himself endorsing Ted"....I say wake up and smell the raw sewage!

Only 3 state primaries/caucuses into the campaign, and look what he's already shown us:

Just days before the Iowa race he sent out a very official looking "voter violation" mailer calling out those voters BY NAME who he thought might NOT vote, hoping to shame them into going to the caucus representing him.  It was so official looking the Iowa Secretary of State had to put out a notice saying this was all bogus and did NOT come from the State.

Then just hours before caucus time in Iowa his staff sent out both a written message and a voice mail to their precinct captains telling them to spread the word that Dr Ben Carson would be leaving the race right after the caucus and that a vote for Carson would be wasted, and urge his supporters to come over to the Cruz camp.

So how many of the few thousand vote margin of victory for Cruz in Iowa could be attributed to these dirty tricks?  We'll never know.

Now in South Carolina Teddy ran a TV spot showing a 20-year-old +/- TV interview with the late Tim Russert where Donald Trump said he was "pro-choice", which is the kiss of death to a GOP candidate in evangelical-rich South Carolina.

Except he totally forgot to mention that The Donald had more recently publicly told of his epiphany when he came to become "pro-life", which makes this ad a blatant smear.  Trump's sharks sent a "cease and desist" letter and threatened a lawsuit.  Cruz said "bring it", he wasn't skeered, but in reality he's probably sweating it.  This was an obvious attempt to defame and he knows it.

And just yesterday the Cruz camp photoshopped a picture to seemingly show a smiling Mark O Rubio shaking hands with a smiling Brick O'Bama, celebrating their Rubio-Obama trade pact, never mind that there was no such thing. 

Aren't politics fun?  Every day is SO exciting!  I can't wait to see what dumb thing Trump will say next, or what fraudulent act Cruz will do next.  :)



  1. The people own Bernie not the banks which is part of why he's been winning.

    1. I'm a Bernie lover, but I'm starting to get worried about his ridiculous supporters (the Berniebro guys). I have a female friend who teaches at a university in Florida. Today she saw a guy on campus who was basically yelling at students about how stupid they are & that they should vote for Bernie. She approached him & he said he wouldn't waste time on her because she would probably vote for Hillary since she's a woman (she's a Bernie supporter too). We're gonna end up with Trump, or Cruz, or Kasich if we don't show each other some manners!

  2. I'm going to say again that I actually feel sorry for my Republican friends because their choices are mostly crazy. Sheesh.

  3. Trump is a blowhard and buffoon, but Cruz rrrrrreeeeaaaallly scares me.

  4. What's scarier is, what does this say about "we the people?" Who is supporting these clowns?
    Feel the Bern.

  5. If it weren't so serious, it would be a hilarious comedy. Laugh track included.

  6. Sad to say, I do not have a favorite politician this election. Never felt this way before. I had hope for Rand Paul, but that is over.