Saturday, June 9, 2018

A somber Friday and a fun Saturday

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a ceremony at the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery honoring my late friend Ted Short.  I had never been to this site before and I must say I was impressed.  

The facility was immaculately maintained and the service was attended to by US Army personnel and a local Korean War veterans group.  It was a fitting end of service for a good man.  The grounds absolutely felt as hallowed at those at Arlington National Cemetery, which, if you haven't been there in person, you have to see to understand and feel what I mean.


Today, on a lighter note, the Ms, Jax, and I made a run to the McKinney Farmers Market for some fresh vine ripened tomatoes and some tamales.  No, I didn't know there was such a thing as a tamale farm either, but trust me, I've tasted their latest crop and they're delicious!

Then it was off to the Spoon Cafe in historic downtown McKinney for brunch, where Jax the One-Blue-Eyed-Wonder Dog stood guard to make sure no dropped morsels made it to the ground.  His perfect record is still in tact I'm happy to report.

Now it's back home for a siesta.  Maybe later when it's cooler I'll venture out to check on our neighborhood ladies bikini volleyball team.  (Or not, depending on whether the Ms reads this first.  ;)



  1. Sometimes you have to have a somber day. Makes you appreciate the fun days more.

    "Spoon Cafe" sounds like a great name for a restaurant!

  2. No wonder I have to husk a tamale, never dawned on me that they are grown. A military funeral is an somber event.