Monday, September 3, 2018

Juuuust right!

 We're now about 6 weeks into our latest bi-annual move.  There is currently a glut of new apartment communities in our area, and they all have some generous incentives designed to entice you to move.  Ours is an urban-style 4-story block of buildings with some amazing amenities.

Immediately off the lobby is a community room with various game tables, a conversation area, and a kitchen with a machine what spits out fancy Starbucks coffees. 

Of course it has the obligatory pool....

...and gym (with a yoga studio upstairs).

 How about a small theater, available first-come-first-serve for private screenings? 

They ticked my hot-button box with a number of gas grills that they keep spotlessly clean.

Jax, however, has figured out what the Paw Spa is for, and he is NOT impressed.

If you somehow don't have a computer (who doesn't have a computer these days?) they offer a business center with 5 Macs, 5 PC's, and printers.

Inside there are four elevators, the hallways are wide, carpeted, and climate controlled...and VERY quiet.  Outside the landscaping is very nice, a greenbelt is just across the street, and a walking trail is just a block north.  Best of all, I don't have to maintain ANY of it!  *happy dance*

...even the mail room is kept spotless.

 They've also ticked my "I like my cars safely out of the weather" box, too.

I wondered why we had so many electric cars (EV's) in the garage.  When I found 2 electric charging stations it all made sense.

As for our apartment itself...our first attempt at downsizing was still too large.  We began to buy more "stuff" again, which defeated the whole purpose of downsizing. On the next try I undershot the mark...we were seriously cramped.  This time, though, I think I found the sweet spot.  The kitchen is more than adequate (just out of the picture is K's "coffee bar"), as is storage space.

 At Kelly's insistence we opted for the "indoor plumbing" package.

It's still only one bedroom / one bath, but with lots of counter space, double lavs, a large soaking tub and a separate shower, too, we're very comfortable.  I even managed to swing a covered top floor balcony, with enough room for a couple of chairs and small tables, and a TV that only receives football games.  *wink*

Downsizing doesn't allow for a "man cave", but I did manage to squeeze in for myself a "man corner".  It works fine.  :)  Kelly has her own "chick space", too.

Oh, and Jax staked out his claim also.

 For those who have kids at home, lots of out-of-town company, heirloom furniture they're married to, etc, this would be an impossible way to live.  All things considered though, for us, I feel we've made a good move.  Cheers!


  1. Congratulations! You're living the American Dream. You've done well.

  2. Beautiful! Now will you stay put for awhile!!!

    1. We're quite happy here, Bruce, but never say never. *wink*

  3. It does, indeed, look perfect! I'm curious, how many square feet for your apartment? And I know this is too personal a question, so feel free to ignore it, but I'm curious how much the rent is (rents here in Florida have sky-rocketed...a LOT). And what do you consider "generous incentives to move in" - no deposit? Lower rent for a limited time? Or no deposit?

    I have to admit I'm slightly jealous of the pool and gym - the most annoying thing about going to the gym is the "going there" time; it would be so convenient to have it right there.

  4. Nice. I wish I could afford somewhere like that but this time next year I'll probably be living in my car.

  5. Fantastic looking place! I have same questions as Betina, Could I afford that lifestyle? We spent many years in Texas and I always thought I would die there, perhaps that is possible. Are you still near downtown?

    1. No Zippy, I've never been downtowm. I'm about 30 miles(?) north of downtown Dallas in Frisco. For better or worse our area has BOOMED in recent years, straining the cost on housing stock. Homes right now are seriously overpriced. It seems developers independently but all at the same time thought it wise to build new apartments, and they overshot the mark. Now they are giving deals (6 wks free rent, $1K AmEx gift card, they pay the movers) to get us to move into theirs vs the others. After factoring in the freebies, the effective rent is about $1250. Keep in mind, outside of renters insurance and electricity, there are no other hidden costs or maintenance. Eventually it will come back into equilibrium and we'll see some rent increases, while home prices will either come down or at least plateau long enough for supply to catch up to demand. If you want to live 30 or so miles farther outside town, prices are MUCH more reasonable, but then there's the commute to jobs and the lack of convenient shopping options. Another of life's trade offs. *sigh*

    2. If you're interested, come on down and I'll show you around. Suggest you come in the middle of winter....compared to yours you'll be impressed with ours. In summer though, not so much. ;)

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  7. Looks like a sweet set up, except for that TV, it only gets football? I thought you were a rugby fan.

    1. Ha! Yes, I do love rugby, and I can find one now and then, but there aren't that many rugby union games on TV. I can switch back and forth between maybe 7 or 8 football games every Saturday. Football for the win!

  8. it really looks (and sounds) great! I guess I have to come over and visit you guys again :-)

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