Monday, September 8, 2014

Cars, and more cars....

This past weekend included the first Saturday of the month, which meant another Cars and Coffee event.  As my friend Neil was out of town and K would rather watch paint dry than go to a car show, I went solo.  The only negative was the and humid.  Yuck!

A place of honor right up front went to this Ferrari FF.  Dunno about a Ferrari in white, though.

As the largest Ferrari in their lineup, including a back seat even, this is the one people either love or hate.  I'm a lover.  Err....umm...

I was surprised by all the vintage off-roaders there this month, like this Land Rover Defender.

Here's another.  I'm told that every farmer in the UK has one, but on this side of The Pond they're somewhat rare.

I was always partial to the International Harvester Scout.  This was a nice one!

Italian cars always have a strong following here.  This Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder was a gem.

Yep, there's an engine in there somewhere.

This is the new(ish) Lamborghini Huracan.  They can usually be seen parked outside pharmacies while their owners are inside getting their Viagra prescriptions refilled.

I'm always on the lookout for a MGA for JoeH.  Sorry Big Joe, but this ragged out example was the only one I could find.

The English were there of course, exemplified by this rather bloated Mini....I can't remember which variant this was as they have so many of them.  I'm just gonna call this one the "Middle Age Spread".

Ahh, but don't worry Brits.  Someone brought their very nice Triumph TR3 to uphold the fine reputation of British sports cars.

A classic....I love this!

Can you see the vintage Triumph's similarities with this new Aston Martin?  No?  (Me either :)

Speaking of cars the public loved to hate, here's another....a BMW Z3 Coupe.

I guess us oddballs have to stick together, cuz I like it.

It looked like a circus was in town Saturday also.

Darn!  I missed seeing all the clowns when they arrived riding their little motorcycles.  :(

Look!  This mutant race car grew a grotesque wing on top!

And this one must have been left in the dryer waaaaay too long!

Of course there was a huge contingent of American iron present, but of them all I'm always drawn to the old ones, like this beautiful '57 Cheeeeevy from my yout.  :)

What's all the hub-bub about the NEW Sting Ray?  How you gonna beat an original '63 split rear window?  (Correct answer:  You can't.)

And just for giggles, hats off to Tiff, whose Subaru WRX was otherwise spotless.

Lastly, my favorite of the day was this BMW Z4.  This color was even appealing.  Not too big, not too small....juuuuust right!

That was Cars and Coffee/Dallas for September, 2014.  Right after this I traveled to Grapevine, TX for the annual Italian Car Fest.  I'll have pics of that later in the week.  Have a great day everyone.  :)



  1. What a great selection of old new and just strange. Loved the MGA, my heart went pitty pat! I like the tr3 also. My real dream car of that era was the 1958 Austin Healy 3000 with the almost back seat. So if you could look for one next month...

    1. Will do. I didn't see an AH3000 there this month, but there are usually several. I am "on ze case".

  2. Agree on the white Ferrari FF. Copper would be better. Or even black. Red and Yellow too overstated. White looked good on the split window Ray though.

  3. What is going on with the Ninja / GSXR motor scooters?

    I saw one in Florida and It had insane power. The driver was skilled at riding a rocket ship.

    Thanks for posting pics. We do not have many exotic cars up here.

  4. I laughed the time I saw a sports car with a bumper sticker that read: All of the parts falling off of this car are of the highest quality British craftsmanship. I understand British sports cars can be a maintenance nightmare. Still, some of them are real smart looking.

  5. The Lamborghini Huracan looks tempting. Wonder what their Viagra-popping owners look like...

  6. Fine looking Land Rover, aluminum body, anemic 6 cyl engine. The International Harvester Scout was, um, ok. 4WD was optional, as was the roof. I bought a new 4wd in '71 and looked at all of them, choose a Land Cruiser.

  7. I was stopped in traffic in Austin, Texas, one day in my '86-1/2 Volkswagen Quantum station wagon (not a real big car) when a Lamborghini pulled up next to me. I enjoyed the view, looking d-o-w-n on it. Not an off-road vehicle like the glorious Range Rover.