Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I might even have to let a Budweiser touch my lips

Kudos, Budweiser!

Budweiser became the largest and latest sponsor to speak out, saying Tuesday it was "disappointed and increasingly concerned" by the [NFL] scandals. The brewer, whose commercials featuring the iconic Clydesdales are almost synonymous with pro football, sponsors some 88 percent of NFL teams, according to consultants IEG LLC, making it the second-biggest sponsor in the league.

I understand the Radisson Hotel chain has also spoken up, and the Minnesota Vikings have decided (under sponsor pressure?) to cool their relationship, at least temporarily, with embattled super-star and child-whipper Adrian Petersen.    

This is something the NFL and the team owners get into their wallets, they pay attention.  Now if some other heavy hitters (Ooooo....sorry) will also speak up, sponsors like Under Armour, Nike, Gatorade, etc, then I'll bet you'll see the NFL clean up the game.

Fingers crossed they become and stay vigilant.



  1. I approve of Budweiser's attitude about this, but it is a bit curious since alcohol fuels much domestic violence and that's what Budweiser peddles.

    1. A bit like all the BP commercials trying to convince us what good stewards of the environment they are when we know better.