Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Keystone Cops vs Ebola

So lemme get this straight:  Yesterday a Dallas County Dep. Sheriff, already on the Ebola-watch "short list", starts feeling puny and walks in to a neighborhood Care Now clinic.  Suspecting Ebola, the doctors there call the Frisco FD, who sends a crew covered head-to-toe in full Hazmat gear.  

They transport him to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas where he gets out of the ambulance wearing shorts, a too-small hospital gown, and a paper face mask and walks right by a large group of gawking reporters and photographers in street clothes.  Meanwhile, back at the Care Now clinic, they pass out Care Now Pills (aspirin?) and tell the others who were there when the deputy walked in to go on back home....all is well.

This morning the deputy is still in Presby, waiting for the results of whether or not he has Ebola or just ate a bad burrito.  (This has me worried as I really like burritos!)

Really?  Who's in charge of this circus?  This sounds suspiciously like a Keystone Cops remake to me.



  1. It's all Obama's fault. Oh, wait... Faux News already has that covered.

  2. The history of the Ebola virus is terrifying. People should really be alarmed at this outbreak. If anything had the power to bring our civilization to its knees its the Ebola virus.

  3. Like 99.9% of medical professionals I've never seen a case of ebola, nor any hemorrhagic fever disease. I do know a bit about it, and if I had a choice I'd rather sit 3 feet from them than someone with antibiotic-resistant TB. It's vector of transmission is bodily fluids, and there has to be some kind of actual physical contact.

    This gets complicated, because the contact might well be the clothing of someone infected, or a doorknob they've just turned. But it doesn't have the ability to spread like, say, smallpox.

    I suspect we'll see more of it here, from people who've traveled and come home prior to symptoms after being infected.

    Yeah, it does sound a bit like the keystone cops.

  4. So this started in Uganda and samples were taken and basic isolation brought it to a stop. 2007?
    DOD runs extensive weapons test and confirms air transmission. 2011?
    Virus mutates and likes fruit bats and they fly West and then locals catch them and their virus 2013?
    CDC runs joke of a test to replicate DOD test and says no air transmission 2014?
    40 percent of middle and lower income people perish 2019?

    This should be a good show, there will be another mutation that prevents bankers and big wigs from getting it. It may already have happened.

    1. What, you didn't get the memo about vaccinations 4 months ago??
      Um, nevermind.

  5. I don't understand the panic about Ebola (though I do think we should do everything we can to prevent an outbreak here...well, really, anywhere) - and usually it's the same people who say they don't want the flu shot because it's "poison that the government wants us to take." Hrrrmmmpppfff.