Friday, November 14, 2014

Rarely are things as simple as they seem

"Liberated" from Facebook:

Counterpoint: On the surface the following statement makes good sense, but it isn't that simple. If you invent a better mouse trap, offer superior service, or just work harder than anyone else and make a fortune, good for you! You deserve it.

But in our country it has become acceptable to use your earned fortune to buy influence in Congress, resulting in special favors, tax relief, subsidies, etc being granted. In other words getting something you DIDN'T work for. The wealthy are being somewhat disingenuous suggesting "I worked for it, it's mine, you can't have it." Truth is they worked for SOME of it.

Take away all the special favors and there will still be income inequality (because some people DO build better mouse traps, offer superior service, and work harder) but it will not be anywhere near as pronounced as it is now. Our system of special favors to some needs to be changed.



  1. We seem to be following the example of Ancient Rome. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I wonder if we'll fall just like Rome did.

  2. I agree about the special favors...

  3. With your permission I'd like to use that image on my blog ... Thanks

  4. I cannot disagree with this: if wealth were directly related to hard work, countless African women living in abject poverty would be millionaires.

    Of course you are correct. If welfare is so bad, why do we not condemn corporate welfare?

  5. Yes Sir, I agree with you, and this is what so many do not understand, nothing is free because someone has to pay for it but yet here we are...