Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What rock did these people crawl out from under?

 Palestinians were in a party mood yesterday as they celebrated in the streets the murder of 5 Jewish worshipers in a Jerusalem synagogue.  In the West Bank people passed out sweets to show their approval.

You've seen the news:  Two killers entered a Jewish synagogue and murdered 5 people before they were themselves killed by police.  Sane people everywhere SHOULD have condemned the act, but they didn't.  NO group, no religion should condone such a heinous act.  No extenuating circumstances.  No excuses.  It was a barbarous act, regardless of who the aggressors or victims were.

I just saw on TV a person, an American Muslim spokesman and journalist, who was given an opportunity to condemn this act.  He sort of did...I the most vague way you can imagine.  You had to listen veeery carefully.  "But...but..."

I happen to be one of those who believe the Palestinians DO deserve their own autonomous homeland.  But for that to happen they will have to enforce laws that protect their own people AND THEIR NEIGHBORS.  

Have you heard anything about how the authorities are hot on the trail of the extremists in their midst?  Didn't think so.  As it is they are nothing but a bunch of lawless armed thugs.  That seems to be what their people celebrate.

Now, anybody care to step up and tell me what a lovely bunch of sweet people they are?

Here are some of the next wave of Palestinian fighters brandishing their weapons as they strut their stuff after the synagogue massacre.  (Note the guy with the red head wrap....he has his finger on the trigger of his gun.  HUGE no-no.  What an amateur!)



  1. You are correct, but this behavior does not surprise me, nor do the lame apologies.
    Why do these people never show their face?

    1. Why do these people never show their face? Maybe they've been inbreeding too long and they want to spare us the results?

  2. The hide their faces, because the know the Mosad will find them.

  3. A barbarous act. It's hard to understand how anyone can think a benevolent God would approve of such actions.

  4. It is hard to understand how twisted religion has become in our world.