Tuesday, September 8, 2015

And where they'll land, noooooobody knows....

Wait for the $64,000 Question at the end

The mass exodus of desperate refugees from the war torn regions of the Mid East (which is most of it) continues.  Men, women, and little children are running for their lives, carrying with them little more than the clothes on their back.  Over a million are expected to make it to Europe this year, but exactly where they will eventually call home is still up in the air.

Our Western sense of decency and compassion, at least mine, says we must help them.  We can't simply sit idly by when people are exhausted, hungry, homeless, and desperate.  To do nothing would be absolutely heartless.

But now we're told it's almost guaranteed that embedded within these migrants are terrorists.  The jihadists are certainly cruel and brutal, but they are NOT stupid.  I doubt many of the fearful refugees making the trek are carrying official paperwork, so it would be easy for a few hundred....thousand?....ISIS/Al Qaeda-types to sneak through, too, where they could link-up later with cells already in place in Europe or elsewhere.

Let's back up and review for a second.  What is the ultimate root-cause of all this mess?  IMO, it's Islam.  Have you seen a religion, in the modern era at least, that condones killing to this degree in the name of their Supreme Being?  That seems to be one bitter religion.  Shia vs Sunni....Wahhabi....Salafist....they're just out of control!  My understanding is they aren't fighting for economic gain, or territorial gain, but to conquer others in order to please Allah.

Sure, Christianity has had their dark periods, too....think The Crusades, and more recently in Northern Ireland and the Balkans and a few other places as well.  (I don't think you could include the Nazi era, Stalin's reign of terror, the Japanese atrocities in the Orient, or the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, etc, as they were NOT about religion.)  But looking at the big picture of modern world history, the brutality of Islam seems to be in a religious class by itself.

Of course not ALL Muslims are terrorists, far from it.  But the crazies are gaining momentum, and the rest seem to be becoming more marginalized.   Now ordinary, middle class, educated, (mainly young and impressionable) Muslims are drinking the jihadist Kool Aid, too.  The European Union is right now trying to decide how many refugees each member country should take in, and the US is also weighing in on how many should be admitted here as well.

The $64,000 Question

Considering the horrendous death, destruction, and panic that could be inflicted on the general population today by a terrorist attack, is it time to revisit "profiling"?  I know it's wrong to profile kids just because they're wearing hoodies, or because a minority drives through an affluent white suburb after dark, but the consequences of missing a jihadist plot as it's being hatched are quite different.  It's a tough question, and definitely a slippery slope.  How do you balance the rights of the many vs the potential harm that could be caused by the few?

Let's apply this to a scenario closer to home:  You're taking your son to begin his freshman year at college.  Due to a dorm SNAFU he's been assigned to a new room at the last minute.  You get the key and go to room 234 and find his new roommate already there.  

As you enter he and several friends abruptly cease their rather animated conversation, and you notice a scene on a laptop of an explosion or maybe a hooded man holding a huge bloody knife, before it's snapped shut.  The friends leave without making eye contact, and after Mohammad introduces himself, leaves as well.  He has no room decorations, no pictures or posters on the bulletin board, and the textbooks on his shelf suggest he's a chemical or maybe electrical engineering major.

Do you give your son a good luck handshake, slip him a couple hundred dollars extra "fun money" and remind him to behave himself, then mosey back home?  Or do you consider that maybe a semester back at the local junior college might not be such a bad place for little Timmy after all?

What would you do?  



  1. The "root cause" of this current mess is when Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, et al. took us into Iraq, creating the control vacuum for ISIS to swoop in. The civil and sectarian wars would have continued, but at least it would have been their problem.

    1. Respectfully disagree Bill. I agree Bush and his buds in retrospect did us great harm, but there was murder and mayhem in the Mid East in the name of religion LONG before those guys got us involved.

    2. Agree it already existed, however it was somewhat contained faction against faction and dictator controlled. It increased exponentially after the invasion of Iraq and making us (U.S.) even more hated.

  2. But Al Qaeda was attacking the World Trade Center in NYC in the 1990's, long before Bush entered office. Same with Kobar (sp?) Tower in Saudi Arabia, our embassies in Africa, Lebanon, and many others Those were not Muslim faction vs Muslim faction. They were targeted against the West...the Infidels.

  3. Interesting delema you propose, I think placing the blame on President Bush is clearly the solution.

    I would pull my kid from that dorm.

  4. Who are we going to blame? Religion. Or belief systems if that makes you feel better. Judaism, Islam, Christianity, - the Big Three.....Humans, as a species.....have this inherent NEED to figure it all out.....and many want there life to have "meaning" ..... What's the meaning of life? What's the meaning of my life? They turn to their Religion to give them meaning. They want someone "smarter" than them to tell them what to believe.

  5. and in typical response to other's beliefs ..... the chant is "my god is right and yours is wrong"

  6. I think your Kelly is very wise, Scott.

  7. I'm glad our son was never in that situation because, frankly, I don't know what I'd do. I don't believe in profiling but the times are changing and we're no longer safe.

  8. Husband says "You didn't answer the question" I would give Timmy a Glock 43.....and tell him to record everything and save it to the cloud.

  9. I have no idea what I'd do. Tell Timmy to keep an eye on Mohammad maybe?