Thursday, September 10, 2015

The three worst jobs you could imagine?

As I was walking the dog earlier this morning I saw some things around me that got me to thinking, "Dang, I would HATE to do THAT all day!"

Landscape maintenance:  I HATE yard work.  Big shock!  That's the number one reason I'm so happy living in a nice apartment instead of owning my own home, as I did for 35+ years.  Watching those guys mow and edge and rake the grounds, all sweating and dirty, brought me flashbacks of the bad old days.  Yuck!

Movers:  I would just fall on my sword Hari Kari-style if I knew that every morning when I woke up I was going to have to pick up 50 tons of furniture, a hundred pounds at a time.  All day.  In the Texas heat, or during a New England winter.  (Wonder what their back-doctor bills are?) 

OK, this one is going to get me sliced, diced, and filleted:  Stay-at-home mom.  I know, I's far-and-away the best environment for a child to be raised in.  But for someone used to reading, thinking, trying to solve problems, or better yet, recognizing and remedying small things before they become big problems, playing patty-cake and imitating pig and cow sounds all day just sounds brain atrophying.  (Have you seen that nasty stuff that goes in, and comes out*, of little kids?  Ewwww!)   That "mommy hormone" must be some powerful stuff! 

All this said....a big thank you to the guys that make my neighborhood a nicer place to live in, the movers who spare me my one-and-only back, and the moms who are raising our next generation of thinkers, leaders, problem solvers, and just plain nice people.

You're up....what are some of your worst nightmare jobs?


*Yes, helping with three daughters, I've changed a mountain of dirty diapers and cleaned up gallons of pre-mushed green-pea baby food puke.  It's a trauma I still can't shake.  But they turned out to be awesome ladies, so it was worth it.  ;)


  1. Yard work would not be so bad, except for allergies, I found it to be therapeutic...sometimes. Moving...very tough. Stay at home mom...the toughest, especially these days when there is not always the support group of other stay at home moms there used to be. Just from recent Grandpa Joe days, you really NEED adult conversation from time to time,

  2. Yeah, #3 would be my worst nightmare - for me AND the kids. There's a reason I never had any. Ha!

  3. 1) Meat packing plant. 2) Picking vegetables 3) Road construction

  4. 1. Director of Ethics for the GOP
    2. Director of Ethics for the NRA
    3. Bodyguard for Donald Trump

    1. But if they have no ethics, why would they need a director? ;)

    2. Exactly. One would die of boredom.
      In the Trump bodyguard scenario I'd be too likely to let the 'bad' guys have a shot.....

  5. I'd hate to be a shark dentist, or Trump's barber.

  6. Hot tar roofer. In Phoenix. In August.

  7. ...reading, thinking, trying to solve problems, or better yet, recognizing and remedying small things before they become big problems <-- I think you just described the day of a stay-at-home mom! *Puts fillet knife away* :-)

    There are a lot of jobs I wouldn't want to do for a living, but I find the occasional task quite therapeutic - like mowing the lawn or cleaning house. And for every job that someone hates to do, there's always a person to be found who will do it for pay.

    I'd hate to be a school bus driver.

  8. Three jobs I quit as soon as possible and swore never to do again:
    1. Cropping Tobacco
    2. Disassembling for overhaul, Pratt & Whitney R-4360 aircraft engines
    3. Cleaning Gatling guns from fighter planes after much live fire