Friday, March 4, 2016

Three Stooges + one

The Final Four....Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich

Did you watch the Republican presidential debate from Detroit last night?  Are you hoarse this morning from saying "Oh My God, Oh My God", over and over?  Is your neck sore from shaking your head back and forth while thinking "No!, No!, No!"?

Marco Rubio is obviously desperate, his Waterloo just over a week away.  Did anyone notice his claim that Donald Trump is rich only because he inherited $100 million dollars from his father, when at the last debate he said Trump inherited $200 million dollars?  Obviously he's making stuff up, and this is just the tip of his un-truth iceberg. 

Donald Trump might make a pretty decent dictator, but he has no idea how our government really works.  Try as he might want to, he can't build a thousand mile (?) long, 20' tall wall along our southern border.  The logistics are imposing, the costs immense, and he can't make Mexico pay for it.  He just can't.

Mexico won't do it, and he can't unilaterally impose a 35% tariff as punishment on products made there and imported here.  Many of those products are actually made by American companies who have (shamelessly) moved their production south to take advantage of cheap labor.  These same companies through their lobbyists give millions of campaign dollars to American politicians of both parties every year.  Congress, whose support a President Trump would need, would cave in a nanosecond.

And they all seem to think they can just go to and pick up 25,000 new Border Patrol agents overnight.  Any law enforcement recruiter will tell you that it's like pulling teeth to find candidates who can pass a background check, psychological and physical exams, etc, and be willing to put their lives on the line every day they go to work.  Not gonna happen!

Ted Cruz is a weasel of the lowest order.  I watched his campaign for US Senate several years ago and saw/heard documented evidence of his lying and cheating.  (He rivaled the all-time Texas weasel politician, former congressman and state attorney general Jim Mattox.)  He is cunning, a master debater, and the king of gestures and silly drama.  His quoting of Scripture is blasphemous considering how different his true actions and deeds are from his pious words. 

There you have it, our Republican choices for president, Larry, Curly, and Moe.  *sigh*

Oh, wait....there's one more, John Kasich, the "adult on the stage" as he likes to say about himself.  His posture is worse than mine, he doesn't wear his clothes well, his hair is sorta funny looking, he makes this funny pucker when he talks, he's not a smooth orator, and he is definitely NOT charismatic.  But his pragmatic mind, and what he has accomplished both as a congressman and as a governor, is head and shoulders better than anything put forward by any of the Stooges.

Are we Americans so shallow that we can be seduced by liars and cheats and absurd promises while overlooking someone who might actually be able to LEAD?  Don't forget, once Cinderella cleaned up, she was pretty special.  I know he barely shows up as a blip in the polls, but we'd be wise to give John Kasich a second look. 


  1. No no no no noooooo - not Kasich! As an Ohioan I have to vehemently disagree! On the other hand, you're right about him being the best of a bad lot. Sigh. (I sigh a lot on your posts - ha!)

    1. Tell me more, Dana. 'Splain it to me.

    2. He's know for busting teacher's unions, isn't he? Otherwise, I don't know much about him.

  2. A big part of why Drumpf has stuck around is the Republicans haven't put forward much of an alternative. Makes me glad to be a Democrat.

  3. * You reap what you sow * and now the tea-baggers, neocons, fundamentalists, birthers, conspiracy theorists, supremacists and warmongers are getting the results. Stooges one and all.

  4. I think everything has been said, here and elsewhere. Last night late on BBC I heard what might be the ultimate comment, from a British woman, who simply said "I am so embarrassed for the Americans, I feel very sorry for them." Dylan sang...." does it feel, to be on your own? Like a rolling stone?"
    Wow, America. Happy now?

  5. I too consider Kasich to be the adult in the room. But in Ohio, unemployment reportedly is 10 percent, twice the national average. And there are other things the supposedly Mr. Clean has done that don't ring true.

  6. Like you say, the debate was an embarrassment. I never vote Republican, but if I had to I'd vote for Kasich.

  7. I didn't watch the debate. From what I understand, there were no issues discussed. Well, the size of hands and other parts of anatomy are not issues.

  8. It is hard to see a shining city from the depths of the sewer.