Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I think I nailed it....

....and I'm not exactly happy about it.

I've been saying for quite a while now that income inequality is the most important issue of our time.  I'm not looking at this on a micro level, liberal vs conservative, Democrat vs Republican.  This is more than "the 1% are greedy" or "the losers won't work".

Here's what we should IMO take away from this on a macro level this election season:  When enough people feel like they have hit bottom, that they have nothing left to lose, they will revolt.  They're now revolting, and it's real, if not (for now) violent.  I'm not saying the revolt is justified, or is right or wrong.  I'm just saying it's REAL.

Donald Trump is appealing to more than enough people to win the Republican nomination for President. He's talking about stopping American companies from laying off American workers and moving overseas, and about bringing good jobs back to America.  These are issues the down-and-out masses are concerned about.

Bernie Sanders is appealing to (almost) enough people to win the Democratic nomination for President.  I doubt Hillary Clinton, the old school legacy politician, is sleeping well at night.  Bernie is talking about our rigged economic system/tax system, our much-too-powerful financial interests, and, yes, income inequality.  These are issues the down-and-out masses are concerned about.

Can you imagine our bankers and our titans of uber-capitalism rooting for a Hillary victory this November?  Unlikely as it might seem, she might be their best hope.  

Today the revolt is polite.  Enough people are fed up with the status quo and are demanding a better deal.  They are making themselves heard...loudly...at the ballot box.  Unless the masses see their lives getting better soon, tomorrow's revolt might be more aggressive, dare I say even violent.

I nailed it.  I predicted this, but I'm honestly not happy about my insightful prognostication. I'm scared shitless, both for America and the larger world.



  1. Quote: "He's talking about stopping American companies from laying off American workers and moving overseas, and about bringing good jobs back to America."
    But he forgets that those Mexicans, etc. do the "dirty work" that no American is willing to do....no matter what the pay. And I wonder that Bernie is getting so much support...isn't he too old?
    I've said it before but I'll repeat: if Trump wins I plan to give up my US passport!

    1. Dorrie, I'm not talking about any specific campaign issues espoused by either Trump or Sanders. I'm just pointing out that many, many people are feeling left out, and feel they have a bleak future unless there is wholesale change, giving them at least a perceived shot at a better future. The one issue they see every day is income inequality, with them being on the short end. When enough people feel that way, they are apt to do very unlikely things, like vote for unorthodox candidates, perhaps march in the streets, and when fed up enough, even resort to violence. This is not, until now, the American way, but that isn't to say it isn't possible. They do it in many countries around the world and it is a recognized way to achieve change. I don't think we're immune to it here.

  2. Like you---I'm scared of what might happen. Trump is not a qualified candidate with the temperament to be president, Bernie has gotten the support of young people bu making promises Bernie can't keep, and Hillary is so polarizing we can only expect more gridlock if she's elected. I fear we Americans are becoming an ungovernable people.

    1. Agreed, Steve. But my point is that, whether justified or not, the people are NOT happy, and might eventually resort to violence like we've seen over the years in Latin/South America, Southern Europe, the Mid-East, etc. We've always thought we were above that, but I think we're moving in that direction unless the status quo is turned upside down soon. I doubt the ruling class will let that happen willingly.

  3. It's pretty sad the blue collar right wingers think a billionaire former trust fund kid actually cares about them or their problems. I forget which network it was but one of them tried to pin him down about how he's going to keep companies from sending jobs to other countries or how he'll make them bring jobs back. He doesn't have any clue. He acts like he's some great international businessman but his golf course in Scotland became such a debacle that he pissed off pretty much the whole country to the point they tried to get him banned from the UK. His resort in Dubai is being made with practically slave labor. That's the guy who's going to bring back good jobs?

  4. If Hillary Clinton's campaign team has any smarts, they will expose Donald Trump for what he really is. He is the one who said that American workers make too much money. Sooner or later, even those "poorly educated" right wingers that Trump likes so much must realize that he won't work on their interests. They just HAVE TO, don't they???

    1. Who knows....so far The Donald has been 24 carat Teflon plated. So far. 😏

  5. Could this portend more tea party loons getting elected?

    1. Possibly, in heavy conservative areas, such as *ahem* Texas or Alabama or Wyoming, etc. These are Ted Cruz areas, but like Ted Cruz, his overall coast-to-coast appeal is limited. What it will likely do is simply deepen the class warfare that has developed in recent years.

  6. Sure hope I am in Canada on vacation, when / if any crazy's take it to the streets.

  7. The problem is not income inequality, it is about too many people not making a reasonably comfortable living. If the masses were living comfortably and felt secure then the 1% could earn all the way to the moon and people would not give a crap. We should stop making it a class war and find a way to have anyone who wants to work find a decent job, and anyone who wants to bust his butt, and take take a lot of risk have a chance to make the 1%.

    Taxes should be at a level that raises the most revenue without reducing peoples incentive to earn more or increasing their incentive to cheat on said taxes.

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