Monday, May 9, 2016

The Donald....idiot or savant?

Donald Trump will be on the Presidential ballot this November, fact.  Many people love him, while many loathe him. Many people think he's brilliant, while many others think he's an idiot.  I'm one of those who likes many of the topics he brings up, but don't understand how he gets away with saying what he does without telling us HOW he's going to do it. 

After considerable thought, though, I've come down on the side of those who think he's brilliant.  Think about it....due to his show biz background he knows exactly how to get the attention and support of the "30 second sound bite" generation.  It's straight from Marketing 101:  "Sell the sizzle, not the steak."   

Or to use another foodie metaphor, people today don't want to know how to bake a cake, all they want is to lick the icing off it.

But credit where credit is due, he and Bernie Sanders are right about one thing: "the system" is broken.  House Speaker Ryan said he is not ready to support Trump until/unless The Donald comes around to supporting the traditional (orthodox conservative) Republican Party agenda.  Trump says he doesn't need Ryan's support as "the people", based on the ballots they've cast, are who he answers to.  

Ummm...yeah. I suppose that's the way it works, or at least the way it's supposed to work.  Ryan seems to represent the tail trying to wag the dog.

I recently saw former Speaker Newt Gingrich on the tube talking about one of Trump's vanquished competitors (Graham?  Rubio?...can't remember) who has publicly stated he would not support Trump's candidacy.  Newt said shame on him, he owed it to the party to fall in line.

So the candidate and the card-carrying party members are just supposed to do whatever "the party" says?

This reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit....

    Customer:  "I'll have a hamburger, fries, and a Coke, please."

    Burger flipper:  "NO!  Cheeburger, chip, Pepsi."   

I'm very the people owe something to the party, or is the party, either party, just a support mechanism for the people's will?  



  1. DC Insiders believe we should just fall in line .... like cows to the slaughter ... with whatever THEY say because THEY said it. Donny T. - he doesn't fall in line. May the Revolution begin.

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  2. Donald wants to bring labor back to the country, stop illegal immigration and deport illegals that don't behave. He wants to raise wages, but not artificially. He wants to have other countries respect us once again not out of fear, unless that is all they understand. An executives job is to set goals and then hire and guide competent people to reach those goals. One thing that often astounded me in my working world was how often things that others said were impossible were successfully implemented after leaders simply mandated the changes.

    Hopefully Donald is a great executive. Government experience...NO, but how many CEO's are chosen simply because of their success as executives and not because of their specific knowledge of how to make a widget...almost always!

    Added plus, Donald does not want to waste time or resources reversing abortion laws, or worrying about gay marriage...of course he can't say that, but he also does not mention those topics unless prompted...we know where he stands(wink wink).

    Rest assured Donald Trump is not an idiot.

    1. No, I agree...he is NOT an idiot. But I don't understand how he can just "say it" without attaching a "how" to it. We all want to end illegal immigration, we all want to raise wages, we all want better deals on trade, we all want to be respected in the world, etc, but without a plan, or without telling us who his subordinates are and how they plan to get the job done....? Talk is cheap, as they say.

      And I agree, getting into the gay marriage / abortion / same sex bathroom-type issues is an exercise in futility. Instead lets work on what CAN be done. Smart.

    2. I don't think we all agree on those items. Some do not want to stop illegal immigration, want to raise wages by legislation, and have let our armed forces deteriorate. I have not heard any concrete plans from other sides, they nly say why things can not be done. Trump has set goals, he is a big picture executive, and that is a style like. Please tell me what are Hillary's specific plans? What are her specific goals?

    3. OK, fair enough. Those are things I personally agree with Trump on, and I understand that many (with ulterior motives?) don't. But still, I can't imagine a major Fortune 500 company hiring a new CEO and not asking him/her for some specifics on how he intends to run the company.

      Hillary's plans? Apparently more of the same.

    4. I agree Trump is not an idiot. What he is though, if we take him at his word(s), is a malignant racist, miscogynist, demagogue who thinks the truth is for other people and does not apply to himself. The quote "Laws? What are laws to me?" could have easily come from him.
      How anyone can have paid attention to this scumbag for the last six months and think that he could be anything but a disaster as a president is beyond me.
      No, he's not an idiot. Neither was Mussolini or Franco, or Noriego. America does not need a strongman who has contempt for anyone who either disagrees with him or doesn't fit the Trump Brand.

  3. I live in a state that's being run by a former CEO as governor. You know, the governor who oversaw poisoning the population of a major city with lead? It's a good reminder that business experience doesn't really help with running a government.

    Trump's agenda is all flash, no substance. The wall with Mexico and deporting Muslims would be boondoggles. Raising tariffs would cripple our economy--just ask Thomas Jefferson how well raising tariffs worked out for him.

  4. It's a cliche to compare anyone to Hitler, but the case can be made that Hitler was brilliant---at least in the beginning when he accurately predicted that nobody had the guts to stand up to him. Trump would be a disaster for this country and my hope, which is shared by many around the world, is that the American people won't be hoodwinked by this blowhard. We've seen this tactic before, a claim to have a secret plan to get something done without revealing details. Nixon won the presidency claiming to have a secret plan to end the Vietnam War. He didn't. Three years later, after thousands of American soldiers died, Nixon settled for terms he was offered in 1970. Such a lie, and such a waste of life.

  5. OK, all the name calling has convinced me, I'm voting for Hillary, she has so much experience and is so honest, whatever is is.

    1. Didn't all the conservatives like Rush say during the 90s Hillary was the real president, not Bill? So that gives her 8 years of experience right there. Hahaha

    2. Your quoting Rush? Rush is an a-hole! Hillary's main job was in protecting a rapist by intimidating the victims, but then Trump is the misogynist.

    3. I assume that the quality of 'name calling' is what has lured and kept most of Trump's followers.....I don't think there is anyone more adept at it out there, at least in the political arena. If you have doubts, read a few of his quotes from the last several months. "Lying Ted" for Cruise, "I don't have time to look up the facts" when asked about his lies. Hillary is a rank amateur when it comes to lying when compared to The Donald. He just shrugs and says so what, and his follower grin and nod their little heads.

  6. I'm not sure we can believe anything that Trump SAYS, since he contradicts himself many times - often within the same damn speech. With people like that, we need to ignore what he says and judge him by what he has done in the past (a much better indicator of future actions than words).

    So he says he wants to end illegal immigration? - He has hired illegal immigrants to work for him.

    He has no problem with debt and America should default on its debt? - He has declared bankruptcy several times. ("Let's make America great Greece.")

    He wants to bring jobs back to America? - His "Trump brand" of clothing is made in China.

    And really, let's face it...without immigration he wouldn't have any wives. LOL.

    1. Ha! Very well said, very well thought out. :)

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