Sunday, July 24, 2016

How can supposedly smart people do such dumb things?

So the Democratic National Committee got caught playing favorites with their candidates.  It seems that WikiLeaks made public thousands of damning emails between DNC staffers, including the DNC Chair, and others, talking about how they could cripple Bernie Sanders' campaign and help Hillary Clinton's.

Yes, I'm outraged (but not surprised) it happened, but I'm even more dismayed that all those supposedly smart people would put anything in writing that they wouldn't want to see made public.  Nothing is secure these days....that's common knowledge.  Some smart geeks somewhere in the world can and will hack into any and every high profile account they can just to cause trouble, if not outright extort.

If you don't want to get caught writing embarrassing, vulgar, slanderous emails, don't write embarrassing, vulgar, slanderous emails.  "Paper trails" work both ways....they can hurt or help.  Haven't we learned that by now?  Have you ever sent an email meant for one person to someone else by mistake?  I thought that was just a rookie mistake.  So now we know the Democratic National Committee is full of rookies?  These are the people assisting the potential leader of the Free World?  Yikes!

*Looks like the DNC will soon be hiring.  Experience not required*

The same goes with cameras.  How many times have we seen videos of a policeman just beating the beejebers out of some guy after, for example, a chase.  He'll get the guy on the ground and then commence to just beat the crap out of him, and then a few seconds later the other less fit, fat, flatfooted cops catch up and jump in, too.  Then it goes viral and the cops are indicted, or at least looking for new employment.

BREAKING NEWS:   Every mouth breathing knuckledragger with a cell phone (and they all have cell phones) lives to take a video of something to embarrass someone else with.  Security cameras, cell phone cameras, traffic cameras, body cameras, dash cameras....they're everywhere.  How can anyone with even a low-double-digit IQ not know that?

  Even I know that!  ;)

Don't want to be photographed picking your nose, or staring at some well-endowed babe's cleavage, or stealing your neighbor's Amazon package off their porch?  THEN DON'T DO THOSE THINGS!

How can we be so smart and so stupid at the same time?



  1. So the email content does not disturb you, only that they got caught?

    1. Read it again, Joe. I said I was "outraged, but not surprised". Truth be told, I suspect there might have been similar shennagans going on at the RNC by those looking to keep Trump out. This just proves what we all suspected....the system is rigged, or at least tainted.

    2. DNC people picking favorites pales in comparison to the buying of elections that goes on as a result of "citizens united." Tempest in a teapot that is only fodder for the republicats.

      And you are correct that it takes stupid people who put it in writing (and especially those who get caught in open microphones).

  2. do they not watch TV? Burner phones hello!

  3. Outraged but not surprised, every other word including the title is about how they shouldn't get caught. I still think the story is about the corruption, not the ignorance I getting caught, but I do get your point in the incompetence of abusing emails.

    1. Just so there's no confusion, any party that tries to promote one candidate over another is subverting the democratic process. That is a direct threat to our freedom. I'm very disappointed that people who are that ignorant of how thing work and the risks involved with putting things on the cloud and on paper are advisers to the potential free world leader. That's a pretty low bar. We need our best and smartest advising our most competent leader. These people are a collective FAIL.

    2. It's not so much about getting caught as it is about even thinking they could put one over on us in the first place. In other words, today power trumps ethics.

  4. It's curious the timing, I think. But yes, it is damning of the sheer ignorance and incompetence of the DNC. Why should they be any different than the RNC? Remember Watergate?
    What's interesting is how this is being used to further the idea that 'oh, Trump won't be so bad'.....just wait, folks.
    Yeah, Hillary isn't my choice, actually Bernie wasn't either. I'd take Biden over either of them, but that's neither here nor there. The choice is Hillary or Trump. A proven politician (read whatever you want into that), or a demagogue, who has said things that should render any person unsuitable for dogcatcher, let alone president.
    As one of our favorite people, Henry Kissinger said, "Realpolitik is the name of the game".

  5. It's amazing what people are seen doing in some of these cell phone videos. Glad I don't have a cell phone.

  6. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Russian hackers, probably hired by Putin who wants Trump to win. Now we need some devious hackers who want Hillary to win break into some Republican emails to even the score. (This, of course, is sarcasm typing here)