Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Were your there, Grandpa, when The Donald became President?"

Presenting the next King President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Remember all those "And You Were There" books that put you in the place and time a historic event took place?  I think watching Donald Trump this election cycle dispose of 17 primary opponents and win the Republican nomination for President is going to be one of those book-worthy historic events.

The Republicans have one more night of smoke blowing for us to endure, and then it's on to Philadelphia to watch the Democrats trot out their Dog and Pony Show.  I have no idea what the polls say this morning, which will no doubt be different, perhaps even 180 degrees different, from what they'll say next week or next month, but I think it's over.  The Donald will be our next President.

Here's why I say that:  First, national events are working in Trump's favor.  His tough law-and-order stance will resonate more and more over the next few months.  The stark contrast between candidates Trump and Clinton will cause national tensions to remain high.  Another minority will lose his life under suspicious circumstances, and another few lawmen will sadly die, too.  Hillary Clinton's meek "why can't we all just get along" message will ring hollow compared to Donald Trump's "kick ass and take names" chest pounding.  Advantage Trump.

Second, terrorism around the world is gaining momentum.  I don't care if we militarily stomp ISIS into the dirt in Syria and Iraq, lone wolves or small cells of Islamic terrorists will continue to kill innocent people in Europe and, yes, perhaps even in America, too.  We're right now seeing the only sane (up until now) Muslim country in the Mid East be taken over by an Islamic strongman.  Turkey is going down the toilet before our very eyes.  How soon before the West will be told to take our NATO and move along?   Many Americans say they're tired of being "kicked around".  Donald Trump's tough talk will help soothe a lot of wounded American egos.  Advantage Trump.

And finally, we know the campaigns will get nasty, but think what each side has to complain about.  Hillary can talk about Ms Trump's plagiarism, Donald's multiple business bankruptcies, the perhaps fraudulent Trump University (which no one had even heard of until a couple of months ago), Trump steaks, his animated insult of a physically challenged NY reporter, his massive ego, his lack of government experience (which to many is as much an advantage as a disadvantage), his serial marriages, his policy flip flops over the years, "Two Corinthians", his demeaning words about Hispanics (whose votes Republicans rarely get anyway), and a few others.

Now think what Donald Trump can say about Hillary Clinton.  It's hard to even count all the scandals, real or imagined, that she has been associated with over the past 30 years....her abortive HillaryCare back during Bill's presidency, File Gate, Travel Gate, Vince Foster, the legal order to give back stuff she left the White House with when Dubyah moved in, and all the trade deals she has supported, which can easily be argued cost American jobs.  And more recently, American lives lost at Benghazi, the recent Iran deal she began negotiating, her "damn emails", etc.  Plus, she's been a part of government for decades.  It will be easy to say she's not the answer, but actually a part of the problem.  And independently, the NRA will go after her with a vengeance.  Hillary's flaws will seem more substantive to more people than Donald's shortcomings. 

Game, set, match.  All Hail President Trump.*


* Don't run to your bookie and bet on Donald Trump based on my analysis.  I also thought he would have stumbled and fallen months ago.  What do I know?  *wink*


  1. I guess our only hope is to be "beamed up" by some aliens before November .... or before the swearing in. I am going to start beefing up our transcripts before we send them off to the aliens....I am sure they are getting a lot of "Please Beam Me Up" applications....I need to make sure we are at the top of their list.

  2. I hope you're wrong; there's a lot of time for Trump to screw up. The election is on November 8th, my birthday, and if Trump wins I might stay in bed all day.

  3. I'm out of things to say about this. I really want to do Stephen Hayes one better and just hide under the covers until after the election.

    At which time, I suppose, I might be getting removed from the country...

  4. The terrible thing is there are so many real problems in the world and neither of these candidates can provide the actual leadership America and the world needs.

  5. Up next: 'Why Trump Really Isn't Bad; He'll Make a Good President'?
    or 'Nativism and Racism really isn't that awful'?
    That Trump could even be considered for any public office says pretty bad things about what our country has become.

    1. Our country deserves to have pretty bad things said about it considering who they have nominated for President. Do you think we've learned our lesson and will do better in 2020? Do you think we'll make it to 2020?

  6. Goes to show how easily the American voter is duped.

  7. I'm feeling more and more like you may be right.

  8. I try to stay neutral on politics, but after watching a documentary. A guy being asked about voter apathy said "Not to be quoting South Park, but it's a douche bag or turd sandwich and either way the same things get done."

  9. It's pretty darned scary. And I'm afraid you might be right just because 2016 has really sucked for Mike & me so far - why not have the beginning the apocalypse to just cap it off?