Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Maybe they should rename Twitter "Trump's Trumpet"

Between recent coughing spells (bronchitis) I've seen a bit more of the news than normal.  Of course, in the US, "news" today means whatever Donald Trump has said or done, and not much else.  I've always been a big fan of raking public servants over the coals when they do something stupid or dishonorable (pretty much ALL of them are by now quite crispy), but every now and then one surprises me and I'm happy to give 'em an attaboy.  So....

Oh, The Donald, The could you?  You picked Steve Mnuchin, one-time Goldman Sachs Director of Mortgage Backed Securities, later to pick up broke subprime lender IndyMac for pennies, rename it OneWest, then get into the robo-foreclosure biz, ignoring any law that got in his way on the road to a tidy multi-billion dollar profit, to be our Secretary of Treasury?  Off to the burn pit, Prez-elect Trump!

But then Prez-to-be Trump selected Marine General James "Mad Dog" Mattis to be his pick for Secretary of Defense.  I've read up on Gen. Mattis and found that by virtually every measure he'll be an exemplary advisor who will give his Commander-In-Chief good counsel, looking for ways to avoid using the sword, but who would, if necessary, field a kick-ass, disciplined force.  Two-thumbs-up Mr. Trump!

And he's given us SC Governor Nikki Haley, who has expertly negotiated her way through some VERY difficult and varied constituents back home, as his choice for UN Ambassador.  Kudos!

But then he's gone and picked long-time bureaucrat (and wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch...gag...McConnell) Elaine Chao to be Secretary of Something-Or-Other.  Meh....

Late edit:  I just learned she sits on the Board of Wells Fargo Bank.  More coals on the fire!

I can't get a handle on Gen. Michael Flynn, Trumps pick to be his National Security Adviser.  Those who know him well say he's a top-notch intelligence guy, but has a crazy, somewhat  scary side to him, too.  My antennae is up on this guy.

But Gen. John Kelly seems like an excellent pick for Secretary Of Homeland Security.  From what I've read, he gets very good marks from all sides.  Another Kudo Mr. Trump!  I'd trust him with my homeland.  :)

Notice all the Generals?  Is that a good thing, a bad thing, or what?  Good leadership, or a barracks coup in the making?  Beats me, but I think I'd rather see them than a bunch of the same old recycled #$%^& bureaucrats who have already run us into the ground.

Oops, sorry.  That was the cynic in me coming out.  Your thoughts?



  1. My hope is that Trump continues to fool everyone and turns out to be an excellent leader, in the mean time, I do wish he would stay off Twitter.

  2. Joehh said it better than I could. I don't think Trump will be a good president but as a loyal American I will not pray for my president to fail.

  3. His cabinet is going to be the richest in history. Does anyone really expect them to be looking out for the interests of the little guy?

  4. I vaguely remember Obama commenting at the beginning of his presidency about how much he missed his Blackberry. Do I remember correctly that he had to give up his cell phone?

    Can't wait for the next President to have to do the same. It's a bit ridiculous to read tweets that sound like they come from a 15-year-old girl (Wow! OMG!) and they come from the most powerful man in the free world. Plus, I really hate to see my Boing stock take a nosedive, just based on one of his tweets.

  5. Generals, billionaires and media moguls. Is that good for America?

    1. Honestly, I know people here on this site and Facebook that I think could do the job without all the baggage these people bring. But obviously neither party is going to call you, or me, or the other (mutual) friends we have. So, to answer your question, no, these aren't the best we could get. *sigh*