Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It ain't rocket surgery, folks

The big question being asked this morning is "Why?"  Why would the Trump White House keep Rob Porter (the former WH Secretary) on the payroll when they'd known for months that he couldn't get security clearance and had a restraining order against him for spousal abuse?

It seems pretty clear to me....who could they get now to come on board and replace him?  People are fighting for a place on the lifeboat now to get OFF the Trumptanic, not ON it!  What experienced, respected pro or up-and-coming star in the public or private sector would want to get on board right as the deck chairs were sliding overboard?  Who would want to have on their resume "served in the Trump White House"?

Look at Trump's cabinet Secretaries.  Sec Def Mattis is by all accounts top shelf, and he's still there probably because he feels a sense of responsibility to his military brothers and sisters in uniform. Sec State Tillerson is probably still there because he knows he is the adult in the room most qualified to run around the world behind the Prez and clean up his messes.  The rest IMO are either worn out retreads or those who just like to see their name at the top of fancy stationary.

I can understand why many people were willing to hitch their wagon to Trump's horse during the campaign....they liked his agenda.  But now that they've seen how he operates up close and personal, I doubt they remain as motivated to serve him.  I think Trump's agenda could have been packaged and presented by someone far more palatable.



  1. I agree all the way, and especially Mattis.

  2. It may stem from the fact that if you serve the WH you have to find a way to tell the press how great the prez is and how much you adore him. Also the falling to your knees when he enters the room......

  3. With a president who has almost two dozen accusets of sexual misconduct, why would this be an issue to them?