Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mom....make him quit saying mean things about me

People like to have their opinions validated.  If a car enthusiast buys a Porsche, or BMW, or Audi, he'll likely join their brand's car club, too.  He wants to hear others of like mind tell him how cool his car is and how smart he was to buy it.  If they see a magazine on the newsstand that implies their favorite car smoked the competition, he'll buy it.  If it says his car got creamed in a comparison test, he won't.

The same holds for politics.  A supporter of Elizabeth Warren or some other Progressive will probably choose to watch MSNBC and read the Huff Post.  Their go-to validator will be someone like Rachael Maddow.  Liberals can do no wrong; conservatives can do no right.  They're told what they want to hear, and they like it that way.

Ultra-conservatives work the same way.  They only want to hear and read things about Donald Trump that validate what they already believe.  They watch FOX News and listen to Rush Limbaugh.  They're told what they want to hear, they're patted on the back and made to feel all warm and fuzzy, and they like it that way.

So why were there raised eyebrows when it came out that Sean Hannity is also a client of President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen?  Hannity is a shill for Donald Trump.  That's a fact.  Did anyone really expect him to seek out Whuppie Goldberg's lawyer?

So why was there a "courtroom gasp" when Hannity's name came out yesterday?  His faithful radical conservatives still love him, probably more than ever, and those liberals who believe him to be the devil incarnate will just dig in their heels deeper, too.  This is just the Fact-Free World we live in today.

Instead of all this political bickering, I propose that from now on we only talk about who has the best football team.  That should be something we can all agree on, right?  *wink*



  1. So you don't see a problem with him lambasting the Cohen raid while secretly being a client? It's a huge ethical breech for a "journalist" akin to being caught in bed with your interview subject.

    1. Jeez, Pat. Do you only read every fourth word I write? Do I see a huge journalistic breach of ethics if Hannity's lawyer is Michael Cohen? NO! I don't. That's the point of this post. Hannity's job isn't to present even-handed news. His job is to make Trump voters feel good about their candidate. He's all Trump, all the time. That's why his listeners tune in to hear him every day. And if he wears Trump ties and uses Trump hair spray, so what? That shouldn't shock anyone. Ditto if it turns out Rachael Maddow's lawyer is Gloria Allred. That would be exactly what her listeners would expect of her. Rachael is all liberal, all the time. That's her job description.

  2. What happened to middle of the road politics? Some Dem ideas good and some Rep ideas good and bad ideas from both sides. So people picked the best choice or at least the one that would cause less harm. I am not sure when this mess we are in started, Bill C years or G Bush years, but the media played a giant role. We just made a trip to visit all our remaining Aunts in their 80's and 90's and they are polarized to the extreme. Voters have been derailed and are now off the tracks.

    1. What happened to middle of the road politics? I wish I knew! I couldn't agree more with your observation and comment.

  3. No longer is there the Superman ideal: TRUTH, JUSTICE and THE AMERICAN WAY.

    Somewhere in the middle is the truth. It will take justice (the RULE OF LAW) to get us back to any semblance of the American way. Both sides must adhere to that.

  4. For the most part, political opinions are so polarized now that it always makes me wonder why a business would put a bumper sticker supporting a specific candidate on a business truck. Yet I see it all the time...and I snicker that they probably just lost 45 percent of their potential customer base.

    Yeah, what happened to middle of the road politics?

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