Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where do you get your news?

Or for that matter do you even keep up with the news? I'm a prodigious reader, specifically I'm a news junkie. I realize that almost every news publication/broadcast available today has a political agenda, so I temper everything I read/hear with considerable scepticism.

That said, not a day goes by that I don't check in with the New York Times and USA Today. I get most of my local news off the radio news stations while driving and the Dallas Morning News, which over the past year or so has deteriorated to a quality worthy of little more than birdcage lining. I rarely read Time or Newsweek as I find them to be too slanted/prejudiced. I do occasionally watch ABC or NBC, but never CBS. I really don't like "sound bite" news....there's just not enough meat there.

I enjoyed reading the Wall Street Journal, but dropped it a few years ago when it became too expensive. And lemme tell you, if you don't renew your WSJ subscription, they will hound you to death! They're the Jehovah's Witnesses of publishing.

For fun I read the BBC News and Spiegel online (British and German respectively). But my all time, hands down favorite source for news is The Economist. It's a weekly news magazine published in the UK, similar in format to what Time or Newsweek used to be, only light years better. Their presentation of American news events without the usual liberal/conservative slant we get here is refreshing. And their news from around the world is unparallelled, too.

Any suggestions for another source I've missed?



  1. I watch the news on TV before leaving for work, then catch the news on the car radio when driving. I go to two local newspapers online for local stuff. I check three San Diego news sites but I don't like their set-up... way too much advertising and sports and very little "news".

  2. I go to the Drudge Report which has links to probably 50+ additional news sources. is Internet Public Library with newspapers, many in English, from everywhere.

    Most local teevee stations have websites for local stuff.