Monday, December 27, 2010

You're all invited to my wake

My 60th Christmas has now come and gone, and I can happily say it was a totally underwhelming event. Not that I don't like Christmas, I just don't like all the hoopla and hassle that goes with it. Watching the little kids open their presents...that's cool. Getting anywhere near a mall from mid-November on...not so cool. All in all, I'll take "underwhelming" every time. (Does that make me a Scrooge?)

K has officially put me on notice that next Christmas will be different. We will have a party, we will have more presents, we will have more decorations, and we will have more singing.

Do you know what this means? It means I have exactly 11 months to plan how to fake my own death. Any suggestions? *wink*



  1. Actually I said "parties" plural more than one :)

  2. Good luck. I'm exhausted from this last Christmas.