Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your tax dollars at work

A true story: A guy went into one of the big box hardware/tool stores and said he had $2,000 to spend on lawn equipment. He picked out a lawnmower, edger, chain saw, ladder, etc, and when the total added up to less than $2,000, he went back and bought other odds and ends in order to get his bill up closer to his $2,000 figure. It turned out that his purchase was to be paid for by the United States government under some sort of "rehabilitative" program, and he had to use his full $2,000 or lose it. It seems they were going to set him up in some sort of lawn mowing business. I wonder if he had any idea how hard working outdoors in the scorching hot Texas sun is in the summertime?

Here's the absurdity of it: the stuff he bought was lightweight homeowner grade equipment. None of it will last more than a few weeks of 8-hours-a-day use. If he had had any lawn maintenance experience he would have known that. Apparently no one with the government "rehabilitative" program had a clue, either. So a few weeks into his new career his equipment will all be junk and the taxpayers will be out $2,000. Then what? Are they going to just keep cutting him checks until they finally get it right?

And they wonder why us taxpayers are fed up.


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