Saturday, August 29, 2015

On the edge of war

Is this what it's coming to?  A war against cops?  Over night a Harris County Sheriff's deputy in uniform was filling his patrol car with gas when he was shot multiple times IN THE BACK and was killed.  And don't tell me it was the gun's didn't go off all by itself!

Do you see the Catch 22?   A cop shoots someone who may or may not have been threatening....the shooting may or may not have been justified.  People better trained than probably any of us reading this will have to investigate and decide that.

This enrages someone else, who goes off and decides to kill a cop in retaliation, ambush style.  Maybe in the back, maybe as he/she sits in their car, maybe after a bogus disturbance call was made and a lone officer responds.  BANG!  Dead cop.  It's actually happening right now every the newspapers.

Now the cops are super edgy.  You can cut the tension-filled air with a knife.  Everyone they see is a potential cop killer.  Even the most laid back, ice cool cop is now on high alert.  A perp doing nothing more than breaking into a Coke machine for a couple of dollars is confronted and spins around too fast, his hand in his pocket.  The cop freaks and fires.  BANG!  Dead misdemeanor perp.

This enrages someone else, who goes off and decides to kill a cop in retaliation....

One of these days we're going to see mass police department resignations, or sick-outs, or slow/no responses, and the truly bad guys out there are going to have a field day. 

It comes down to this:  YOU are responsible for your protection.  YOU are the only one you can truly rely on, every time.  Can you protect yourself?  I'm not talking about vigilante justice here, but if someone comes after you, then what?  Who you gonna call to bail you out?  *crickets*

Is this what it's coming to?  This is insane.



  1. You are spot on, a terrible cycle. Police lives matter also!

  2. That and there have been reports of police being hurt or dying because they are afraid to protect themselves.

  3. Darkness prevails over a gun-crazy world.

  4. I wish I had something positive to add, but the American people don't seem to have the resolve to tackle important issues anymore.

  5. Of course it's not the gun's fault. It didn't go off all by itself.

    So...since deaths by guns are so much higher in the U.S. than in other civilized countries, are Americans just much more violent and criminal than citizens of other countries?

    1. Apparently yes, there is a segment of our society that is violent and lawless. Some would argue that the majority of law abiding citizens need guns of their own to protect themselves from said barbarians, now more than ever as those who normally protect us (police) are fighting for their own lives. That's why I say YOU must be responsible for your own protection.

  6. This is what the protesters wanted, hope they are happy. Lawmen Protect and Serve, not a safe or easy job.
    I am sad for the recent loss of life and ruined careers due to lopsided PC and media.