Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Political Correctness

The news this morning reported that ESPN commentator Kurt Schilling has been suspended because he Tweeted a controversial comment comparing radical Islam with Nazis.  While I don't know if his comment was technically accurate or not, I do believe his employer was within it's right to suspend him if they wished.  But the bigger picture to me is that, once again, knee-jerk political correctness has ruled the day.

"Controversy" is something we just aren't allowed to partake in any more for fear of offending someone, and believe me, there is always a someone out there.  We have become all-consumed with being kinder and gentler, while glossing over sometimes hard truths.

As my wife and others remind me regularly, I have a big, often uncensored mouth.  But when I say something, in my mind at least I have credible research to back me up, or a logically reasoned position to support me.  I don't mind putting my name on what I say or write.  Then if someone disagrees, they are free to tell me where I'm wrong, and for the record, I have been known to change my position if I feel the opposite position actually holds up to cross-examination better.

Which beings me to Donald Trump.  Why is the current political phenom soaring in all the polls?  Is it because his positions are so well thought out and articulated?  Doubtful.  Why would all of his ardently conservative supporters love him so, when if they'll just think about what he's saying, they'll realize his proposals would absolutely bust the budget?   *BLASPHEMY*

Why?   Because, IMHO, he has thrown political correctness out the window.  He's saying things that people may or may not agree with, but they like the fact that he's saying what he thinks, and he's putting his name on it.

Will this be The Donald's true, lasting political legacy....his willingness to say things out loud that would leave other weak-kneed politicians issuing serial apologies?  Would that really be such a bad thing?

OK, so now my NSA / FBI dossier has grown one blog-post-entry thicker.  Bite me.  This is my story, and I'm stickin' with it.    :)



  1. I'm not so sure many Conservatives are enamored with The Donald, because they know he is not really "That" Conservative on many issues that Conservatives cling so tightly to in order to lose elections. But you hit the nail on the Political Correctness thing. Agree or not, lots of people enjoy seeing someone stand up for what they say and not issuing phony whoosey meaningless apologies every time someone gets offended and the PC police slap him on the wrist.

    I do believe, though, that Mr. Shilling does owe an apology to all the Nazis in the world for the radical Islam comparison. DISGUSTING!!

  2. This reminds me of a recent conversation I had with my ninety year old mother. She referred to our current president as "colored." I told her that term was antiquated term and she should say "black." I skipped over African-American---baby steps. She told me I was full of crap and she won't bow to political correctness. "People don't get to decide what they're called," she claimed. I reminded her that the Portuguese were once called Portagees, which is now considered derogatory. She said, "Well, that's different...."

  3. I actually have much higher hopes for Mr. Trump. I hope he decides to run third party, and the modern equivalent of the Know Nothing party of the 19th century will follow him, splitting the GOP. The Dems can then run Pat Paulsen and he'll finally win.

  4. Being a "straight shooter" is working for Trump and Bernie Sanders.

    When you work for the Disney family of companies you should know better than to post comparisons of Muslims to Nazis. That's just common sense. But then ESPN has a history of hiring people who put their feet in their mouths.

  5. In my (humble) opinion, Donald Trump is using this "I'm-not-politically-correct" schtick just because it appeals to so many people in his target group. If he were to need the support of a wealthy Mexican real estate mogul or a female CEO, he'd clean his mouth up pretty quickly. If the choice was between him making or losing a profitable deal with a woman over mentioning "hormones" and "bleeding" he'd know to not to speak like that.

  6. The election is more than a year away, and I am already tired of the drivel spewing forth from all sides--the politicians and news reporters. Thank goodness football season is here, I am getting tired of watching home remodel reruns instead of the news.