Sunday, December 27, 2015

Now you see 'em, now you don't....

....I'm talking about homes, and schools, and businesses.  OUCH!

 Dallas area tornado damage from yesterday.

Tell me again how "climate change" is just a figment of our imagination?  This is NOT tornado season, nor is it normal to be wearing shorts at Christmas time, at least in the northern hemisphere, but it happened.  I know....I was preparing to head to more substantial shelter and had to decide whether to wear my shorts or take along my heavy winter coat, as it's supposed to turn blustery cold.  (I did both.)

We saw this coming.  Right now it's snowing in west Texas....1 to 2 FEET is expected....being blown around by 50-70 mph winds.  Drifts of 8-10 feet are expected!  In Texas!  Meanwhile, on our side of the front, it has been record setting I said, mid-70's.  And if you'll think back to meteorology 101, heat and cold that close do not play well together.

Sure enough, BOOM!

By mid afternoon yesterday super-cell thunderstorms were firing up south of Dallas, which is where we do not want to see them.  That's because these super-cells and their tornadoes travel north and east.  By about dusk they were here.  One coming up through downtown Dallas looked for a while like it would move right up towards Frisco and our humble abode. 

Fortunately for us it fell apart before it got here, but I had already told K to get together a few things and prepare to head to our parking garage.  We live in an apartment community where 4-story apartments made of lumber and brick/stone surround a very solid concrete 4-story parking garage.  We can get from our apartment to the safety of that concrete structure in <30 seconds.  Our apartments might explode, but our garage won't.  

I'm thinking K must have been a Boy Scout in a previous life.  She's "Always Prepared".  We keep some essentials in our respective cars, and it's pretty simple to grab wallets, keys, and of course the dog.  I felt rather stupid grabbing my heavy winter coat when it was still in the 70's, but today as advertised it's in the 40's and dropping, and raining heavily.

The major destruction and 11 deaths occurred from Ellis county to our south, up through south Garland, Rowlett, and the areas around Lake Lavon, east of me.  Eight of those fatalities were killed when cars they were riding in went airborne....they probably never even saw it coming as it was nighttime....and slammed down on their roofs.  My former home town had upwards of 600 homes damaged to some degree.

For those so inclined, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to give a $10 donation.  Prayers would be very appreciated, too.



  1. I was thinking of you two this morning as I was seeing the destruction around Dallas on the morning news. Glad you're o.k.

  2. That weather has been crazy. Stay safe.

  3. I agree...this weather is crazy. Glad you and K are safe.

    So...why is the apartment complex not made of solid concrete and the parking garage of lumber and brick/stone???

    1. Because the parking garage is also 4 stories tall and holds hundreds of cars. It couldn't withstand the weight. The apartments are just like any other multistory residences...plywood sub flooring is plenty adequate.

  4. Glad you're ok, and your family.
    It's been seasonable here, minus 10 this morning. Pretty typical for this time of year. We have the usual couple feet of snow in the yard, and it's a usual winter for Montana.

    1. I personally like winters, but I must admit I've never experienced a true "northern" winter as you describe. I'm not sure I'm up to it, and I doubt I have enough years left in me to properly acclimatize myself before I go permanently cold. Stay warm and safe. :)

  5. such reports make me think, and worry about you two....glad all is relatively well.