Sunday, September 11, 2016

Praise the Lord and pass the MRE's

There was a cable TV show a few years ago about "preppers", people who thought "the gubment is gonna come get us", or a meteor will strike Earth, probably somewhere near Des Moines, or both.  I watched it simply because it was good for a laugh.  (Remember, this was long before the Donald and Hillary Show.)  But now I'm reading things in major, respected journals and newspapers that are advocating essentially what those nut-cases preppers were doing back then that we poo-pooed as goofy.  Seriously?

Yeah, seriously.  They started out reminding us that climate change is doing some weird things these days.  Like Hurricane Sandy tearing up the northeast a few years ago, and more recently flooding in Louisiana, and in central Texas a few months before that.  And how about those killer winters storms that don't let up for weeks, or those tornadoes we're seeing in "the alley" almost year-round?  I don't even want to think about a west-coast earthquake.  Yikes!

Those showed us that "shit happens" "feces occurs", and that until help arrives, you're on your own.  FEMA might bring you a bag of ice, and the nice church people will pass out sandwiches as fast as they can, but hour-to-hour, day-to-day, you are all you'll have. 

More recently the experts are warning that evil people, be they foreign governments or terrorists, are working overtime to learn how to shut down our financial system, or our electrical grid(s), or our transportation system, and it's only a matter of time before they successfully cyber-attack us.  Lovely.

Now, to add insult to injury, they're saying we shouldn't be surprised by civil unrest after an election that didn't go the way the well-armed losing side wanted, or after a police-minority incident escalates out of control.  Too much mayhem, too few police.  Too many fires, too few firefighters.  DOH! 

OK, fine.  I'll look into it further and report back all the things you need to know to make it to 2017, like the shelf life of Hostess Ding Dongs, or where to buy the most accurate long-range sling-shot.  Stand by.  ;)



  1. We had a big hurricane down here in Houston 8 years ago and it knocked pretty much everything out in the city. In August.

    The next day, there was line outside the local Kroger grocery. people just standing there waiting for it open again so they could get food.

    We are ill-prepared.

    How long is a can of beans good for?

  2. We haven't had much rain this summer and my azaleas are dying.

  3. I have bottled water and some cash hidden in case of emergencies, but that's about it.

  4. We have a smallish cabinet that we call the "hurricane closet." We keep water and canned soup in there, and I have a bunch of those protein bars. But I know that if a real hurricane (or other disaster) happens, I'd be woefully unprepared. I probably should stock up on some chocolate, just in case.

  5. 2 case H2o extra, hearty canned soup, crackers, choc, booze and a shotgun make up my Ice or Snow kit. We easily go 10 days with leaving the house when streets too bad to drive on. It did suck when we lost power for six days, genset worked great, but gas was a hassle to get. Sure wished I had a natural gas one that time. Love your cartoon.