Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"You, you, and you....under the bus!"

Back in June I spoke up when I heard of the "coincidental" overlap between The Clinton Foundation's list of prominent benefactors and the list of those who were approved for coveted international trade and arms purchase deals by Hillary Clinton's State Department.  No concrete proof of impropriety, no paper trail...a nod by Bill, a wink by Hillary...and things just happened.  RED FLAG!

Now it's Donald Trump's turn.  Today there was a story released by Newsweek that showed the potential conflicts of interest that might exist between Donald Trump the businessman and Donald Trump the President of the United States. 

To his credit, Trump is an exceptionally astute businessman.  He seeks out opportunities worldwide where he can partner with powerful, plugged-in foreign business interests to expand his brand.  These foreign interests are often chummy with the leadership in their respect countries, such as Russia, China, India, Turkey, various Middle Eastern countries, etc.  He is also a staunch believer in leverage, which means using borrowed money to grow his business.  And as the owner of a privately held corporation Mr. Trump keeps these partnerships in the shadows as much as possible, which is understandable.  Nothing wrong with any of this.

But now he just might become the President of the United States.  Can you imagine a situation where a country, where Mr Trump the businessman has interests, might do something detrimental to the interests of the US?  What would happen if the wayward foreign leader threatened quietly through channels to call a massive Trump loan due, or perhaps even nationalize a Trump interest in that country?  

Would President Trump cave, or compromise, and possibly agree to things that were not in the best interest of the United States?  We can't take that chance.  This would be an obvious conflict of interest between Trump the businessman and Trump the President.  RED FLAG!

Mr Trump says if elected he would put his assets in a "blind trust"....he would turn over all operations of The Trump Organization to his kids for them to run.  Oh pah-leeze!

The only way a blind trust would work would be if all the assets of The Trump Organization were liquidated and the proceeds put in the hands of a third party to be invested in ways and places that left President Trump completely clueless where his fortune was.  I doubt THAT is something Mr. Trump would be willing to do.

Now our combined candidates are 0 for 2, which explains their dismal "trust" poll numbers.  



  1. I don't know why he even wants to be president. I'm sure he'd enjoy the ego boost for a little bit--until he realizes what the job actually entails. The only thing he's ever been good at is advertising Trump the brand; the problem is when you're president you're not just representing yourself, you're representing the more than 300 million people of the United State of America. I don't think there's any way he can do that.

    The one thing you can count on with Hillary Clinton is that she'll go however the wind is blowing, just like her husband did after 1994. In the primaries she has to lean more liberal to keep up with Bernie, but as soon as she's sworn in you can expect her to make only the faintest attempts to placate that base before settling in to just not trying to rock the boat too much. I've been saying all along that she's basically Republican Lite more than "liberal" and nothing she's done really leads me to change that opinion.

  2. For me it boils down to who I want making that all-important Supreme Court pick. I also know that Trump would delegate most responsibilities to other people and those he's currently surrounding himself with scare me.

  3. With every thing Trump has said since he began I'm amazed at how little attention he's gotten. Even this is 'below the fold' in most major papers, while it's still being wondered if Mrs. Clinton is going to croak this afternoon.
    A phrase I heard recently is 'post-truth campaign', used to describe Trump's candidacy.
    How anyone could even think of voting for him is astounding to me.