Monday, October 17, 2016

Mama, she stole my ballot. Make her give it back, mama!

Donald Trump is saying the upcoming Presidential election is rigged, that there will be massive fraud at the polling places, and that the Party of the Donkey has conspired with the media to defraud him of his rightful victory.  'Cause, you know, The Donald is a winner, never a loser.  Sounds to me like he's preparing his excuse when/if he loses  does not win  comes in second...DOH!  Truth be told, though, he's sorta right.

No, I don't think there will be hearse's lined up at the polling places bringing the dead back to vote one last time.  That's not how the system is rigged these days.  Today the two...2...lemme say it again...TWO political parties who have any chance of winning (they've conspired to make sure a Third Party will be stillborn) have rigged elections by insuring only one of their Good 'Ol Boys / Girls gets nominated in the first place.  (Or as a last ditch nuclear option, withhold their allowance.)  If you're not "in", you're out.

Here's the deal:  Both parties are beholden to their Sugar Daddy special interests.  They took their (campaign) money, so now they must deliver the goods (favors).  If their candidate can't make a strong showing, their benefactors will jump ship in a New York minute.  Who would have ever thought the banks and health insurers and pharmaceutical companies, etc would be lined up behind Hillary Clinton?  But that's what they do when their preferred party's candidate is in freefall. 

After several of their Presidential candidates (Mondale / Dukakis) crashed and burned badly back in the '80's, the Democrats perfected their system of "pledged super-delegates" to make sure no renegade / hopeless candidate ever became their standard bearer again.  

The People might have wanted Bernie Sanders, but the Party wasn't sure they could control him if he won, so they took him out with the big hook (aka pledged super-delegates), and crowned Hillary instead.  Pledged super-delegates = veto power.

"But wait" you say.  "Didn't Hillary get more popular votes during the primaries?"  True, but with the ever-present pledged super-delegates making the outcome clear from day one, how many voters just succumbed to the inevitable?  We'll never know.

And just to make double / triple / quadruple sure, the Democratic National Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her staff threw roadblocks in front of Sanders at every opportunity.  We know this because her leaked emails said so.  Busted!

So how then did renegade Donald Trump walk away with the Republican Presidential nomination?  Where was their hook?  Ahhh....they didn't have one because their candidates didn't crash and burn back in the '80's.  They never thought they needed one.  But you can bet the farm that when election season 2020 rolls around they WILL have some sort of fail-safe system in place to insure only one of their Chosen Few will ever be on the final ballot.  No more Trump's for the GOP!

But for now the Republicans are stuck with him.  Most will pay Trump lip service, but little more than that.  Without their active foot soldiers or $$$$, The Donald is finished.  THAT is how you rig elections today.

Oh, and the media is biased towards the Democrats.  As a voter who will NOT be voting for either major party candidate this year I can give you a unique, un-biased view of reality.  Hillary's leaked emails and other assorted scandals don't get anywhere near as much negative press as The Donald's philandering.   Of course, more people like reading "Fifty Shades Of Gray" than "The Complete Unabridged History of ZZzzzz", too.  :)



  1. I've been thinking the same thing: Amidst all of the Democratic primary grumbling about superdelegates, you just know that the RNC was saying saying, "Why don't we have that, too?"

    They will next time, or else they'll have something that effectively does the same thing.

    1. They were just caught off-guard. I doubt they will ever let that happen again.

  2. There's no denying that Clinton is a political creature who has mastered a political system that has been in place for a long time. Bernie has had decades to change the system and only complained about it when he decided to run. I think you're referring to "super" delegates, or at least that's what Bernie was upset about, but Bernie isn't even a Democrat and shouldn't have run as one anyway.
    Politics aside, anyone casting aspersions on our election process even before voting is complete is a menace to our democracy and a danger to us all.

    1. You are correct, I meant SUPER delegates. I'll edit that right now. I will say Bernie has caucused with Democrats for years, so he at least has one foot in their door. But that even reinforces my case....only long-time party do-as-you're-told types are welcome to run. I still like the idea of an independent third party, but the Dems and Reps have made sure that there are an impossible number of hoops to jump through, and they vary state by state, for a third party to ever challenge their dominance. To me, that's by definition "rigged".

  3. And I also agree, the idea of large scale ballot box cheating is nonsense, and is a menace to our democracy. Either put up (evidence) or shut up, I say.

  4. Trump can't complain that the party system is/was rigged. After all, he conquered the GOP system and was nominated. What he is doing is setting up his loss by claiming the ELECTION system will be rigged and that will be fraudulent votes. If he was to win - a big IF - then you'd hear nothing about a rigged election. He's like the little kid who loses on the playground and cries that everyone else cheated. Waaa Waaaa Donald.

    1. Bill, I'm saying the Democratic Party system IS rigged, and the Republican Party system SOON WILL BE rigged. I don't see any evidence the election process (at the ballot boxes) is rigged. And of course he would zip it and brag IF he were to be elected. Right now I think he's just setting up his own ego for a loss, something he thinks he's not capable of on a level playing field.

  5. I don't know why Republicans always whine about the "liberal media" when so much of that media is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Republicans have their own cable network with Fox "News"! Not to mention numerous conservative papers and magazines have endorsed Hillary.

    But like all the celebrities (or British royalty) Trump wants to court the media on his terms. When there's something good he wants them to broadcast it. But when there's something bad they're supposed to vanish. And as they say, sex sells, so you can't blame the corporate media for promoting that over emails.

  6. " I can give you a unique, un-biased view of reality."
    Hmm. Well, the definition of 'unique' is one of a kind. There is no different one in existence. It is the only one of it's nature. Does that apply? 'Cause I see a lot of other opinions very, very close to yours.
    And 'un-biased'. Seriously?
    C'mon, look back at your posts. Use this criterion: when you criticize Mrs. Clinton, do you offer conflicting views, from other people? For balance, fairness?
    And Mr. Trump. Take a look, go back a bit, find the places you said you liked his 'being un-PC'. He's sure fulfilled that bit for you, eh?

  7. Ha! Mike, I swear you'd argue with a stop sign. OK, "unique" might be a bit too strong, but only a bit. "Rare" would have been a better choice. Most people, including YOU IMO, seem to think in black or white terms. Very few seem willing to see things as they ARE vs what they WANT them to be. Like you, I've been watching Hillary Clinton for nearly 30 years, and I've heard what she said, and I've seen what she's done. There is not much overlap. "You can promise anything so long as you don't have to deliver" seems ready-made for her. She is pure politician to the core. And, yes, I do like straight talk. Donald Trump does that. I like/agree with very little of what I hear from him, though.

    Here's my complaint with you, Mike: You come here and pick at what I write, which is good because I like hearing other opinions, but you never contribute anything to the conversation. You bitch, then run off. Why don't you state YOUR opinions and make a case for them? I don't mind if you disagree as long as you can articulate WHY you disagree. I'll hear you out and maybe even change my opinion if yours makes more sense. Try me.