Saturday, October 15, 2016

Opposition research

Ever hear of "opposition research"?  No?  Apparently neither has Donald Trump.  Actually he has, but he vetoed the idea when his two previous campaign managers brought the idea up to him.

Opposition research is the common practice of having the past history of a political opponent investigated.  It's always helpful to know if they have a mistress, have any DUI's or a criminal record, have any mental health issues, who they've stiffed in business, what their tax return looks like, who they've donated to, if they are on the payroll of some underworld character, etc.

It's also common practice for candidates to have the same investigation done on themselves so they'll know what the opposition will find and might make public in the heat of the campaign.  That way they can have wet-wipes at the ready regardless of the mud that's slung their way.

Opposition research was suggested to Donald Trump early-on by his professional political managers and he nixed the idea.  He must have known his tax returns would show contributions to special interests that he no longer wished to associate with, or to hot button groups like Planned Parenthood, the NRA (unlikely) and others, or that he hadn't paid taxes in years.  Maybe there were building trades he finally paid at less than the contracted price, or deals made with foreign "undesirables" who just happened to own properties with magnificent views.  Or women he found inappropriately appealing.

That's his problem today.  Donald Trump either honestly thought his bank account made him Teflon coated, or that he had properly covered his tracks and no one could ever find anything on him.  Or maybe in his mind he was pure as the driven snow.  I dunno.  Regardless, he grossly underestimated Washington politics.

Lesson learned:  When you try and keep your past hidden, everyone ASSUMES the worst about you, whether you're guilty or not.  "You can run, but you can't hide" applies to politics, too.  Especially politics.



  1. It bolsters the idea that he went into this just as a PR stunt and never thought he'd get this far. I don't know what Clinton's excuse is.

    1. BTW, I guess Trump never watched House of Cards on Netflix. Season 1 Frank Underwood is trying to get a congressman to run for governor of Pennsylvania and brings in an expert to interrogate the guy on all of his past indiscretions, which included drunken escapades, snorting coke, and buying hookers.

  2. At first I wondered why you would suggest "opposition research" for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has been researched and investigated to the hilt over the last few decades. Of course, then I came to the part about doing this on yourself.

    I'm beginning to wonder if Donald Trump is kinda dumb.