Monday, July 24, 2017

To be, or not to be? *sorry Will*

So are we in for a soft or hard landing?  President Trump seems to be telegraphing he's pacing a rut in the Oval Office carpet, wondering why his cavalry isn't already there to save him.  I think it's safe to say Mr. Trump hasn't made the mental transition to the public sector.

Back at Trump, Inc The Donald ruled supreme, which was entirely proper as his was a privately held corporation.  He had no stockholders to satisfy, just himself.  He had subordinates who did what he told them to.  They kept the heat off him, they did his dirty work, and in return he probably paid them very well....he signed their paychecks.

He apparently hasn't made the adjustment to Washington, where the Republicans he's looking to for "protection" don't work for him.  They aren't paid to keep the heat off him, or to do his dirty work.  In fact he doesn't even pay them.  They work for the people, not for him, and in the public sector he does have to satisfy someone besides and me!  

And "we" aren't all that happy.  In a recent USA Today poll 1300 respondents were split 42%-42% for/against impeaching President Trump.  I understand polls can often be wrong, but just the fact that it's even this close suggests the natives are restless.  I did my own small poll on Facebook last week and it, too, was about evenly divided between those who thought he would successfully complete his 4-year term and those who didn't.

And my opinion, which I know you've all passed the hat and collected 35 cents to hear, is....I don't think he'll make it.  He's under assault from all sides, and as his tweet suggests, he needs a lot of Republicans to come to his rescue.  His foes are like a hungry dog with a big 'ol juicy steak bone, and they're not letting go.  Trouble is, congressional Republicans will be more interested in saving their necks than the President's as the 2018 election nears.  The last thing they'll want is even the talk of an impeachment while they're back home kissing babies, greasing palms, and asking for votes.  

Those in safe states, like my Texas, might still vigorously defend him, but most will not want their name associated with the beleaguered President.  Party elders, under pressure from their members who desperately want cover, will pull the President off to the side and make him an offer he can't refuse.  The deal:  if he turns over the presidency to Mike Pence, who will grant the entire clan a pardon, he can take himself and his family back into safe refuge in Trump Tower to count their money.  Otherwise he's on his own.

OK, there it is.  Now gimme my 35 cents.

Agree?  Disagree?  Please jump in.



  1. He's constantly attacked and belittled those in his own party so I am sure some like Little Marco are just going to kick back with the popcorn and watch him fail. The far more stable Pence is their Plan B anyway.

  2. Our constitution needs some revisions on presidential pardons. For example, that presidents cannot pardon themselves preemptively and vice presidents who become president via impeachment of a president who commits crimes *while in office* cannot grant pardons of the crimes, including all who participated. Presidential pardons should not extend to anyone in the White House, while in office, because of the solemn duty they swore to the constitution.

  3. Nice post, Scott, but I don't think Reverend . . uh, I meant Vice President Pence would be much of an improvement over Trump. Oh, he'd be more stable but his legislative programs would scare the pants off of me.

  4. Interesting that Texans are still for Trump when Texas will have the most folks thrown off healthcare if the ACA is repealed.

  5. He's constantly attacked and belittled those in his own party so I am sure some like Little Marco are just going to kick back with the popcorn and watch him fail.


  6. I'm not holding my breath. If someone who is on record for mocking a disabled reporter and "grabbing women by the pussy" can get elected in this country, I'm just very unsure about the whole rest of it. How many vacation days has he had now? And how furious were people about Obama's vacation days? And he's still in the White House.