Thursday, July 27, 2017

WTF just happened?

I've been around a long time.  I've seen some really crazy things.  I've done some really crazy things.  But I've never seen anything like what is going on in the world right now.  We've seen things spin out of control before....a couple of world wars and some crazy-assed terrorists blowing things up come to mind....but we've always had some sane leaders, usually led by the President of the United States, who stepped forward and righted things. 

Today, instead of putting out the fires, President Donald Trump is throwing gasoline on them.  Around the world he's giving mixed signals to our friends and foes alike.  Our NATO allies don't know whether they can count on us or not.  Everybody from our VEEP on down tells them we're rock-solid, but the POTUS finds it hard to even grudgingly say it out loud.  (Commitment issues?)  Meanwhile Russia keeps sucker punching us, and everyone but President Trump sees it.  I'm sure Vladimir Putin is laughing his ass off!  WTH?

Inside our Executive Branch President Trump, who should be thoughtfully leading us, is tweeting all night, leaving his subordinates to try and figure out what he wants them to do the next day.  And about the time they begin to get a handle on it, he tweets something that completely countermands his earlier tweet.  DOH!

Yesterday he tweeted that transgender people cannot serve in our military, completely blindsiding his Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff, THE VERY PEOPLE HE SHOULD BE CONSULTING WITH ON SUCH MATTERS.  They say they had zero input.  Agree or disagree with President Trump's position, this is just ass backward.

Trump is pissed upset that his Attorney General recused himself from an investigation as he was legally required to, and is now threatening to fire him.  Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, are saying "there will be hell to pay if he does." 

Ditto his desire to fire Special Counselor Mueller, who is looking into collusion between Trump's campaign staff and Russian election interference.  The bipartisan word is that if he does, it will be "the beginning of the end of the Trump Presidency" (per Republican Senator Lindsey Graham). 

Trump's Chief of Staff and Communications Director are openly feuding, and his Ethics Chief and Press Secretary have both quit.

The Mideast oil sheiks are fighting among themselves, and while the capable Sec State Rex Tillerson is trying to calm tensions, Trump comes riding through popping caps.  Now rumors are flying Tillerson has had enough and is considering moving on to something less stressful, too, like maybe defusing IED's in Afghanistan.

Nice team building President Trump!

Trump even went before 40,000 Boy Scouts at their annual National Jamboree and, instead of giving them the customary inspirational talk about doing good and helping little old ladies across the street, launched into a mildly profane rant on Hillary and her emails, or some such.  Why would he think a bunch of 12-year-old boys would give a shit about Hillary's emails?  It was so embarrassing the Boy Scouts of America had to issue an apology for Trump's improper address.

Let's just be honest for once and say it out loud:  President Donald Trump is having an epic mental meltdown.  His insecurity and paranoia are eating him alive.  Trump is the personification of the Peter Principle....he has risen to his "level of incompetence".  It's actually painful to watch, and with him still in control of our nuclear codes, more than a little....uncomfortable. 

That said, let's all go have a "beverage" or two.  Cheers!



  1. As someone who went bankrupt at least 4 times he already had reached his level of incompetence. I assume "the generals" he consulted with on his offensive Tweet were his GI JOE action figures--Yo Joe!

    How is he supposed to go visit the troops on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day when he just declared thousands of them who have and are serving to be "a burden?" The next time he gets off Marine One the Marine ought to punch him in the face instead of saluting.

    In six months he's betrayed the LGBTQ+ (whatever the acronym is now) community, he's betrayed Muslims, immigrants, and Iraqi Christians who were dumb enough to think he couldn't possibly be as terrible as they thought.

    Yet Hillary is still even more unpopular, which shows how stupid the Democratic Party is to have ever thought she'd win. Have to think we'd be a lot better off with Bernie at the helm and Republicans doing what they do best: saying no to everything.

  2. His presidency is turning out even worse than I feared.

  3. It's just so surreal - I keep waiting on someone to say, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"

  4. As someone who went bankrupt at least 4 times he already had reached his level of incompetence.


  5. I still see people "liking" Facebook posts that say, "Like this if you think our president is doing a great job." Is NOBODY able to have a serious talk with him, gently touching him by the elbow and steering him into a mental health clinic???