Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do I dare hope...could something good be happening?

These are not congressmen working together.  This is just a generic photo.  There is word that a group of Democrats and Republicans are working quietly together, but there are no cameras there to record it.

Word is leaking out that a group of congressmen from both parties are quietly meeting together to try and find a way to at least stabilize the troubled health insurance market.  Our non-Leader, President Donald Trump, miffed that his preferred health insurance reform package failed in the Senate, has vowed to just let the market collapse, in effect saying "f__k the people if they lose what little insurance they might have. I don't care."  These congressmen are actually, hopefully, doing something positive and not just posing.

I'm sure House Leaders Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, are miffed that some of their members aren't toeing their parties "my way or the highway" line, too.  These renegades are stealing their Leader's thunder.

What's missing from this picture?  Bright lights and TV cameras.  The Donald and Mitch and Paul and Chuck and Nancy just LOVE to step in front of a TV camera and bloviate about how only THEY can fix _____.  They'll tell you their way is the only way, which is why we're in the mess we are today.

Kudos to these fearless congressmen who are willing to tell their Leadership to get out of the way.  May they lock themselves in a quiet room, bring in a platter of sandwiches and some beverages, and haggle until they can come up with something, not necessarily exactly what they would prefer, but something they and we can all live with.  And for Pete's sake, don't let a TV camera get within a mile of them!



  1. I hope progress on Healthcare can be achieved in spite of the White House and Republican plans to eliminate the ACA.

  2. "And for Pete's sake, don't let a TV camera get within a mile of them!"

    ... or an insurance lobbyist.

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  4. Time for this insane party line to stop. They are all there for the good of the nation. Hope some smart heads fix what needs fixin and do not mess up what works.

  5. Just keep holding your breath until the pulse oximeter reads 70%. Then return to the reality.

  6. This is just a generic photo. <-- Well yeah, duh...I don't think congressmen (and women!) would show up in flannel shirts.

    I hope you are right, and that they are starting to come to their senses.

    1. Ha! Personally I don't care if they show up in bib overalls, as long as they DO something. :)