Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fear Russia?

While Russia's capital city, Moscow, seems to have made it into the 21st Century....

....most of the rest of the country hasn't progressed much since the Cold War days.

Yes, they still have a formidable nuclear arsenal, and they're spending a disproportionate amount of their GNP modernizing their military, but Russia is only a second rate country on the world stage.  Consider this:

The Gross Domestic Product of California is $2.40 Trillion dollars.*

The Gross Domestic Product of Texas is $1.698 Trillion dollars.*

The Gross Domestic Product of New York is $1.44 Trillion dollars.*

The Gross Domestic Product of Russia is $1.324 Trillion dollars.*

This imbalance is why Vladimir Putin is so desperate to see Russia regain its former prestige and power.  He simply won't acknowledge they are not equal to western nations. Economic sanctions imposed by the west are hurting Russia, and they are pulling out all the stops to get them removed.  This is also why they are so very dangerous.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Watch them very closely!


* 2015 statistics


  1. The need for fear has escalated as Putin will be sending 100,000 troops to the eastern edge of NATO territory in Belarus by the end of the summer on the pretext of military exercises. It is either saber rattling or a repeat of the invasion of Crimea.

  2. Don't tell Trumpsters Russia is inferior; it's their new favorite country. Some of them actually say, "What's so bad about Putin?" Gee, besides he snuffs out every journalist who pisses him off?

  3. I read recently that Russia's economy is much smaller that that of the state of California.

  4. When Obama was still president and Trump was a candidate who wasn't expected to win, I saw a Facebook post by a Trump supporter saying about Putin, "Well, at least he loves his country. Obummer clearly doesn't."