Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey strikes again...and again...and

It's hard to believe we've been watching and talking about Hurricane Harvey for a full week now.  First we watched it churn its way across the very warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico towards Corpus Christi, TX.  Firefighters with fast-water rescue boats, EMT's, and utility crews were sent south from all over Texas well before landfall.  Entire neonatal units were airlifted out well in advance to hospitals in Ft Worth and Dallas.  Harvey, which blew up into a very dangerous Category 4 storm right before it came ashore, missed the mid-sized city of Corpus and instead blasted nearby Rockport with 140 mph winds. 

If at that point it had acted like a normal hurricane and just gone inland and fallen apart in a day or two, the local / state authorities could likely have handled it.  But instead it went inland, dropped anchor, and just sat there, slinging rain bands further up the coast toward Houston.  

50-60 inches of rain later, 6 million souls in the Houston area were abandoning ship.  There was no way this could have been dealt with by local authorities, even with state backup.  To my fellow Texan's great credit, the good 'ol boys got out their fishing boats and monster trucks capable of wading through high water and proceeded to save lives.  Black lives, White lives, Asian lives, Democrats, Republicans, Christians, atheists, Muslims, young, didn't matter.  

And it wasn't just Texans.  A similar bunch of "le good 'ol boyz" from Louisiana brought their boats down (christening themselves the Cajun Navy) and began helping, too.  It was the absolute best of humanity working side-by-side....soooo impressive!

Then $%#^* Harvey moved up the coast even further and has now completely inundated Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange, TX, and Lake Charles, LA.  Never heard of them?  You will, as that's where a HUGE number of America's oil refineries are located.  (Gas in my area has already gone up $.30 a gallon in two days.)  Those areas are now at least as bad off as Houston.  HELP!

Reinforcements are now arriving by the hour.  There are over 100 military and civilian helicopters rescuing people, with more on the way.  The Feds are sending another 100 shallow bottom boats and 100 trucks capable of wading through high water.  Shelters are opening up all across the state, and the ANG is airlifting victims in to fill them.  All 14,000 Texas National Guardsmen, and another 10,000 from other states, are coming to the rescue, too.  Thanks to ALL!

What eats at me is, here I sit high and dry 300-400 miles away, and I can contribute very little.  They say to NOT send diapers, blankets, canned goods, etc, as all roads into the area are closed.  We could easily send 500 tractor / trailer loads, but they just can't get there.  They say just send money instead, which of course we did, and they'll buy stuff in bulk.  (Could you spare a few $$$ also?  PLEEEESE?)

The recriminations are yet to come....should they have had a mandatory evacuation?  (Six million people?  There would have been a 200 mile long / 48 hour traffic jam, with people starving and dying en route.)  Were the authorities caught flat footed? (No, not flatfooted, just overwhelmed.) 

But there ARE  lessons to be learned, namely that YOU are responsible for YOU.  Some how, some way, find a way to keep at least a weeks worth of food and water on hand, for both humans and pets.  Have plenty of any maintenance meds on hand, and some CASH, too.  And of course the typical batteries, flashlights, emergency radios, etc.  Go online and look up "prepping" for instructions and ideas.  (It isn't just for wacko's anymore.)

Whether you live in hurricane country, tornado alley, earthquake territory, or a giant metropolis that could all just explode some day for reasons beyond your control, be prepared.  Don't count on someone else to come save you.  

And tell me again how there's no such thing as "climate change"?  Weren't we warned years ago to expect more serious and more frequent violent weather patterns?  Well...TA DA!



  1. I sympathize with your fellow Texans, Scott, but I don't think hoarding all of that "stuff" would have helped. Especially to those idiots who think "I guess I'll just ride this one out." When the authorities say it's time to get out, GET OUT! Other than that, I agree with everything you say,.

    1. Respectfully disagree Bruce. Those who live in known, flood prone areas (why would anyone live in a known flood prone area in the first place?) should have bugged out at the first mention of a hurricane. But the majority of those in the region have experienced hurricanes before and came out unscathed. Evacuation for them would have seemed like an overreaction. But now Harvey has overwhelmed even them. A stock of supplies for those people would have made a HUGE difference.

  2. I live on a ground floor apartment so if we get 30 inches of rain I'm pretty well screwed, Doomsday cache or no. It was good to hear from your blog again. I wasn't sure if much of the bad weather got up your way or not. I imagine once things dry out you could make a good business down there building houses.

    1. Rebuilding is going to be a mess there Pat. Building materials are going to be in short supply, and will be expensive when you can find them. And there won't be anywhere near enough experienced labor, either. This mess will still be there years from now!

    2. They will also have to deal with all the shady contractors who will leach in trying to make a quick buck. No doubt there will be price gouging and insurance companies claims will be denied. It sucks, especially after these people have been so devastated.

  3. One thing that has escaped attention mostly is that Mexico has volunteered help in terms of people and money. No comment from the trump.

    1. The Donald only sees and hears what he wants to see and hear.

  4. These once in a hundred year events are now coming at an alarming rate, every few years, I fear if we don't take climate change seriously, places like Houston will face these disasters ever few years.

    1. The concept of a "hundred year flood" is absurd. Zoning should allow for at least at least a 500 year flood.

  5. I can't even imagine what it'd be like to cope with the aftermath of such destruction. Probably your home got destroyed, your place of employment is destroyed, the grocery store is empty or waterlogged, the bank is closed...where do you begin? Where do you go to sleep at night after you've cleaned mud out of your house all day? EVERYTHING would need to be replaced, starting with the toothbrush you need first thing in the morning, and the coffee pot that used to get you going every day. I can see why people ditch everything, abandon their house, and drive somewhere else to start over (that is, if their car still works...and if they are willing to forfeit their good credit history, because they certainly won't make payments on their ruined house). Ugh.

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