Saturday, July 14, 2018

I wish this was funny....

....but it isn't.  It's scarily accurate.

President Trump meets with Russian President Putin in just a few days.  Putin is right now most likely huddled with his personality profile psychologists determining exactly what he can say to get Donald Trump to fetch, roll over, and sit up and beg.  Trump is right now most likely propped up in bed skypeing with his BFF Sean Hannity.

Trump is in no way intellectually or cunningly Putin's equal.  Putin has been laser focused on returning Russia to its former glory ever since the USSR was officially dissolved on December 26, 1991.  Trump was completely unprepared for his office, and was as shocked as anyone when he was elected on November 8, 2016.  Putin was trained as an intelligence officer in the KGB, eventually becoming a Lt. Colonel, and later heading the KGB's successor, the FSB.  Trump kept his dad's slick lawyer on retainer to keep him out of trouble.  Bone spurs *wink* kept him out of the military.  Putin has a honed, long-term strategy.  Trump just says and does whatever pops into his head.  Trump slanders and belittles his opponents.  Putin kills his.

Vladimir Putin will destroy Donald Trump, and we'll all be collateral damage.  No, this is not funny at all.



  1. Putin owns Trump. That's been clear for 2 years now. Complicit Republicans won't stop him because they've taken dirty Russian money too. Funny how a Republican delegation met with Putin on Fourth of July and came back saying we should drop the sanctions. Really odd, don't you think? If only Stalin, Brezhnev, Khrushchev, etc. had realized they didn't have to beat us on the battlefield; they just had to buy a political Party.

  2. A match between a chess player and a checkers player. Guess which is which.

  3. So - what can be done at this point? Is there any way to save us?

    1. I wish there was an easy answer. And I don't mean to imply our Day of Doom will be next week, er even next year. Putin is chipping away at us, and we (the West) are letting him. Just at it took Putin 20 years to get all his pieces on the board like he wants them, it will likely take us years to arrest our decline and come back able to counter him. This much seem logical: We can't have all these fissures splitting the US and Canada and Mexico and the UK and the EU, etc. We need to quit jockeying for position among ourselves and see this as an US vs THEM existential threat. We collectively backed down/wore down the USSR and their Warsaw Pact. We can do it again, but we need to put our various resurging nationalism(s) aside and work for the greater good. This is hard to do when we are all so wealth driven.....we're all too willing to screw each other over for a few more $$$$. We need to think BIG PICTURE. It might well take us a decade or more to prevail, but we have to start somewhere. Oh, and one last point: Donald Trump won't be the one to do it. He sees the world as a zero-sum game...we can only win if they, our historical allies, lose. Not exactly conducive to rebuilding alliances, is it?

  4. Replies
    1. Well, it's over. They just finished their joint press conference....aaaand Trump folded like an very used card table. Putin strongly denied all charges, and Trump accepted it. Even Republicans are calling it "devastating". Mitch McConnell said Russia IS our adversary, they meddled beyond any doubt, and Trump is DEAD WRONG in not believing our security agencies and the indictment from last week.

    2. I guess 'we'll see' has come to fruition, eh? Or is trump right, J.? Is this what we want? I'm sure we white guys will be just fine, so let's not worry. And the military will get used to the different uniforms. trump so clever, such a 'stable genius', that we don't see the brilliance of what he's doing? That could be it,right?

  5. Hell, he didn't even have to prepare. Just let Trump be Trump, as the saying goes.