Monday, July 23, 2018

That's all folks!

Do we dare hope?  Is Robert Mueller about finished with his investigation?  Please?

With congressional mid-term elections just a little over 3 months away, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will either have to wrap up his investigation soon, or hold it over until after the election.  A final report out immediately before the election is not going to happen, particularity after Comey botched a similar situation back it '16.  The Democrats are probably hoping for the former.  Both say their position, whether pro or anti Trump, will be vindicated.  I predict....only Robert Mueller knows. *wink*

Seriously, it seems to me Prez Trump's only hope to avoid the political guillotine is for the economy to continue to boom.  "It's the economy, stupid" has never been more true.  That's overwhelmingly what the 40% who avidly support him tout about him.  Truth is, he has indeed helped the economy stretch its 10 year rebound from the Great Depression of '08, but he is really just riding the recovery coat tale.  Not that Obama fixed it either....the economy had little place to go but up after our $%^&# crooked bankers nearly tanked us all.

I think Trump and his team will be in a world of hurt when Mueller makes his findings known publicly.  There is ample evidence that at least some of those around Trump were duped by Putin and his intelligence people.  The Russians originally recruited Trump's team, not the other way around.   Still, Trump's team didn't walk away, and may have even taken the Rooskie's bait to Trump personally, and when the "implied" offer of help was accepted....BOOM!  Putin has likely been reeling him in ever since.  Or Trump's vulnerability may go back several decades with Russian money financing his businesses after US banks told him they'd had enough of his fast-and-loose financial shenanigans.  We'll see.

And if Mueller does in fact indict some of Trump's team, or his family (Jr, Jared?)....well, the plot thickens.  With something like a 95%+ successful prosecution record, the smart money will be betting on Mueller to win this one, too.  And that's IF Mueller and the DOJ (Rosenstein) agree a sitting president can not be indicted.  If they puncture the presidential shield of prosecution....YIKES!....Watergate redux!  Look for popcorn sales to skyrocket!  *snort*

But not to worry.  We'll survive this, too, whatever happens.  I'm pretty sure.  :)



  1. The tragedy is that even if Mueller's report shows trump himself was involved, and helped the Russians himself, his supporters won't care. I can think of nothing he could do that would deter the true believers. My own guess is he doesn't care about anyone else besides himself and his 'base'. I'm guessing one of three things will happen, or two. One, he'll start a war. Nothing like a war to either boost a president's ratings or give him a 'reason' to postpone an election. Two, he could lose an election and declare the results invalid. Three, declare himself president for life.(he's already hinted at this). His 'base' will cheer at any of these, the GOP have already sold their souls for political power, and will say nothing.

  2. While it might help get a few votes it would be best for Mueller's investigation to wait until after the election. If complicit McConnell still holds the Senate no amount of proof and charges will allow impeachment.

    As for the economy, inflation is higher than it's been in a while, wages are down, and the negative effects of Trump's reckless trade war are only beginning to show. No he didn't help the economy; job growth has been fairly steady since the last years of the Obama administration. He's the football coach who inherited a great team and just had to not mess it all up, which he's in the process of doing.

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