Monday, July 2, 2018

Kickin' a$$ and takin' names

Democrats and Republicans conducting the People's business in Washington.

I recently saw a news clip of a Republican congressman giving the acting Attorney General hell because the Mueller investigation is taking so long.  "If Mueller has something, take it to the damn Grand Jury.  This is tearing the country apart."  He was upset because the investigation has so far taken one year.  For the record, the Nixon/Watergate investigation took TWO+ years, as did the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation and the House Benghazi investigation.  Why can't Mueller have the time he needs, too?

Here's what Congress should, but won't, do:  Both parties should ban all talk about Mueller's investigation.  They should zip their pie holes.  Don't respond to the latest tweet or leak.  Wave the press off.  Just go to work.  Let Mueller do his job, AND MAKE CONGRESS DO THEIRS.  

On a good day, many reports say, the typical congressman and Senator spends half his time fund raising so as to build up his campaign chest for his next election bid.  Then they spend most of their remaining day strategizing how, when, and at who they will poke another sharp stick in the eye of, and of course primping for their next TV appearance so they can lie to us about how hard they work blah blah blah.  That leaves them just a few precious minutes a day to actually DO anything.  If anything actually gets done in Washington, it's purely by accident.  You and I would get fired on our second day of work if we were that unproductive!

No foreign overseas frolicking at the taxpayers expense. No spring/summer/fall/winter recesses.  They need to go to their offices and WORK.  Figure out what to do about North Korea, trade with China/Mexico/Canada/Europe, immigration, how to cyber smack Russia, fix our decrepit roads and bridges and air traffic control system, etc.  No one can go home, no one can get paid, no one is eligible for re-election UNLESS they work out something with the other party.  There is no shortage of projects that needs urgent attention.

Kickin' ass and takin' names.  Who's with me?



  1. Ironically Trey Gowdy was one of the ringleaders of the fruitless Benghazi investigation and then whines the Mueller investigation with dozens of indictments already is taking too long. Epic hypocrisy.

  2. Congress is certainly held to a different standard than working America, including perks and benefits that no one else has. The entire system needs a dramatic overhaul. Your proposal of no work - no pay is a good start. How about putting them on a per hour salary? They punch a time clock and if they are a no show they get no pay. Oh well... and pigs will fly.

  3. The reason Republicans want to shut down the Mueller investigation is the same reason they're so against redistricting reform: when they shut down the opposition without fairness or due process, they win; when they can't do that, they lose. They don't care about democracy. They care about stacking the system in their favor and catering to their rich patrons. That is their sole priority.

  4. Sorry I'm late. I'll raise a beer (or whatever) and praise your suggestion.