Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Betcha didn't know this about Robin Williams....

Just when I was about to give up entirely on "celebrities" as just a bunch of narcissistic a-holes I hear stories like this:

On our local news (WFAA) I just heard a story about the late Robin Williams.  A couple now living in Dallas told of how in 2004 (?) they were living in North Carolina with their young daughter who was dying of some sort of inoperable brain tumor.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted them and asked if there was anything their terminally ill daughter might want.

The dad told them that her all-time favorite movie was Mrs. Doubtfire, and she would love to meet "her".  By the time the Make-A-Wish folks set the meeting up the little girl was too ill to travel to California.  Without hesitation Robin Williams (the actor who played Mrs. Doubtfire, in case you've been comatose until recently) chartered a private jet at his own expense and flew to North Carolina to spend some time with his adoring fan.


He visited with her, played her favorite card game with her, and posed for personal photos, all without any publicity or ulterior motive.  Just a few weeks later she passed away.  She no doubt died with a smile on her face, all thanks to Robin Williams.

That is the way I hope Robin Williams will be remembered....as a wonderful human being.  Not just a great actor, or even a supremely funny comedian....truthfully there are lots of those types in the entertainment biz, although I doubt many are as complete a package as Robin Williams was. 

A "good person".  Isn't that the ultimate legacy?



  1. It makes it all the more sad that he is gone.

  2. That is such a warm story. I ran into him in Burbank one afternoon while having lunch. Maybe it was West LA. I don't remember. I was waiting to get into a restaurant and he was there with some friends. I didn't recognize him at first but then I didn't want to get caught staring because they all have to put up with the star struck. My friend and I did make eye contact with him as we passed through and he gave a very warm smile. I have always liked Robin Williams for his amazing talent.