Monday, August 11, 2014

Talk about a polluted gene pool!

It's been a quiet week, with nothing much going on that rankled me enough to post about.  

The big news recently has been the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, but I didn't write about that because it seems most people, and of course the news media, are rooting for the Gazans.  I think they're dumber than dirt....make that "sand".  I mean, you'd think someone in Gaza would make the connection between "we shoot missiles at them, they drop bombs on us".  But no.  DUH!

Sure, the Palestinians deserve their own homeland, but with that privilege comes responsibility, and they've shown none of the latter.  Grow up, kids!

Now we're launching air strikes on ISIS forces (Sunni Islamic extremists) running around "the place that isn't even a legitimate country", aka Iraq.  But we say we're not doing it to support the "government" of Iraq, but to protect our embassies and consulates there.  They say the US largest embassy anywhere in the entire world is in Baghdad, Iraq.  

Why?  Why do we have more than a guy, an expendable mercenary at that, sitting behind a desk with a phone in Baghdad?  Do we just have so many gubment bureaucrats we can't fit them all into Washington, DC, so we dump the overflow into Iraq?  What the hell is there in Iraq that is vital to our national interests, anyway?  Oil?  Do we even import Iraqi oil?  Can't we get it from elsewhere, like Texas or North Dakota?

Dude, just a suggestion....steal a BELT, and maybe a proper holster.

OK, here's a story that baffles me:  In a suburb of St. Louis police recently shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. The police say he was fighting for the officer's gun, others say that is totally untrue.  I have no idea who's right or wrong.  But what I do know is that, as is often the case, "the community's frustration spilled over into the streets".  Translation:  rioting and looting.  

Somebody please 'splain to me what looting the grocery store and the shoe store have to do with a police shooting?  "Yeah, I'll just steal these here AirJordan's and maybe some Slim Jim's....that'll show 'em how pissed I am!"  Huh?

Justice needs to be served, whatever the truth might be, but how does rioting and looting bring about justice?

Burning down the police station I might could understand.  Still wrong, but at least there's a correlation.  But instead their priorities seem to be, 1..."tear up/burn down my own neighborhood to show how much I miss ____", then, 2 ..."blow off my own pecker with this gun I have shoved down in the front of my pants" (see photo above). 

There are some really, REALLY stupid people in this world, you know?  With over six BILLION people alive today you'd think these idiots (world wide) could find someone to procreate with besides their own first cousins.  Are we witnessing evolution in reverse?

That's my two bits.  :)



  1. Welcome back to the bloggy world Scott. I could pick out at least 15 politically incorrect comments you have made that you may get beaten up over, so hunker on down and know I've got your back...well not really, I'm still walking on eggshells here but you do make some very good points!

    1. Hi big Joe. Yeah, I know I'm probably gonna have a few tails pinned onto my donkey butt. I just call 'em as I see 'em.

  2. Scott, I feel your frustration. I have refused to watch the news at all this week at home. I am tired of them beating every story to death and the speculation as to why something happened. I know the answer to your question about why the biggest embassy is there it was all over the news back in 2000s. That is all I am going to say.

  3. The leaders of Gaza and the other Palestinians have always chosen war over peace. Arafat could have made peace with Israel during the final years of the Clinton presidency. Clinton negotiated a sweetheart deal for the Palestinians but Arafat chose war for his people instead of peace. For this he shared a Nobel Peace Prize?

  4. Palestinians shouldn't be surprised. After all, they elected terrorists as their government. In turn the Israelis elected hard-liners as well, which is the danger of electing extremists.

  5. It doesn't matter whether we buy oil from a despot or a puppet leader like Nuri al-Maliki, they are still going to set the price. We've spent way, way more on the wars over there than if we would have paid double (or more) their asking price for oil.

  6. People are really stupid. In my next life, I'll be a dolphin.

  7. I find myself agreeing with you here - now where's that lightening strike?