Sunday, January 1, 2017

Be happy....don't worry, mon

You've heard it said, "Live for today, for tomorrow is gone, and tomorrow may never come."  Exactly how do you "live for today"?  Is this saying you should just ignore tomorrow? Is that possible? Seems to me there will always be things that give you concern about tomorrow.

The poor may have food today, but will they have any tomorrow?  The more affluent may have a good job today, but will they get blindsided with a pink slip tomorrow?  They might be healthy today, but will their doctor call tomorrow with some bad news about their recent physical exam?  Will their rebellious child run off and join a circus, or worse, enroll at Oklahoma State University?

Not to sound like a worry wart, but shit happens feces occurs. You may enjoy smooth sailing for awhile, but nothing lasts forever.  "The only constant is change."  I understand you can "enjoy" today, but not even think about tomorrow?  Can anyone just skip through life that carefree?  I can't.  Does that make me too responsible?

Can you?



  1. "Imagine all the people, living for today" I always hated the lyrics of that song, never understood why no heaven, only sky above and everyone living for today was a good thing, and no I could never imagine any of those things.

    Enjoy today, but look forward to and plan on tomorrow.

  2. I try to be ready for bad turns of events. I mean< i keep some extra cans of beans in the cupboard in case the apocalypse happens.

    But I'd also like to believe that I would have managed to get a book read during the worst of times. We have a responsiblility to get something out of life in even the worst of times. Right?

    Don't let the bastards ruin for you.

  3. I think we all know the intent of "live for today"...doesn't mean we should ignore everything else (like our diets, habits, financial status). However, it's an appropriate thought for the new year ~ if you can't find a way to enjoy life, what's the point?

  4. For me the ability to 'live for today' came quite late, around age 70. Through my career the plans were all for the future, a two year study, the conference next month, the article to review next week, etc. Once retired, then with some health issues of my own, I'm getting pretty damn close to it.
    And I agree with Joeh, I hate that song.

    1. Oh no Mike... didn't like to hear that. In the words of Wikipedia, the song represents "a world at peace without the barriers of borders or the divisions of religion and nationality, and to consider the possibility that the focus of humanity should be living a life unattached to material possessions." Quintessential 'live for today', so long as one can deal with the influences that divide us.

  5. My Myers-Briggs personality type (ISTP) is all about the present moment. I'm the person who forgets to see whether it might rain later, or maybe will be cold so "take a jacket with you why don't you" (that may have been uttered more than once by Dr. M - ha!). But I do try to at least keep an eye on the future so that I'm prepared. I think a balance between the two is key!

  6. We should probably all be Doomsday prepping right now since the coming doofus-in-chief wants to restart the arms race with his Russian buddy.

  7. I'm with Bug - it's about the balance. If I only live for today, why would I want to go to work? Or pay the electric bill?