Sunday, January 8, 2017

I have the answers, but you won't like them

So this time it was a mentally disturbed individual with a legally possessed gun who shot up an airport terminal in Ft Lauderdale, FL, killing 5 people.  And again, some are asking, "How did this happen, and how are we going to fix it?"

If we lived in an authoritarian society where there are visible police everywhere as well as many more unseen secret police, and a small army of informers to keep an eye on their neighbors, yeah, we might could have prevented this.  Guns and gun ownership would be outlawed, and the mentally ill would simply be locked away.  There would be no "due process".  You would just be picked up one day off the street, and in short order find yourself in a gulag.  End of problem.

But we live in a free society where people have rights.  There are millions of guns in the hands of our citizens right now, and the Supreme Court has validated the 2nd Amendment concept that guarantees Americans the right to own them.  The guns aren't going away, and even if a future, more liberal Supreme Court changes their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, there will be millions of people who will always say our Founding Fathers said it, SCOTUS be damned! 

So to answer the original questions:  How did this happen?  An obviously mentally disturbed person did not get the help he needed, and he got hold of a gun.  How are we going to fix it?  We need to spend the money necessary to get the mentally disturbed the medical/psychological help they need, and we need to invest in a government-wide computer system that allows names of the mentally disturbed, wanted criminals, felons, those with restraining orders against them, etc, to be added (or subtracted) instantly. 

They won't be able to legally buy a firearm, they will be singled out for searches, both of their body and their checked baggage, if they fly, or perhaps not even be allowed to fly at all.  The same goes if they travel by train or bus.  It certainly won't stop every madman, but it will go a long way.  Right now this type system apparently doesn't exist at all, or if it does, is not kept current and properly utilized.

So, Mr/Ms Taxpayer/Citizen....your choices are to give up your liberties, spend the fortune it would cost to implement a better reporting system, or accept the fact that these things are simply going to happen.  I'm pretty confident we won't choose the first or second options, so we may just have to accept the realities of living in the 21st Century.

Stay vigilant.



  1. Fortunately we just elected an authoritarian government, though one that seems more concerned with placating Putin than keeping Americans safe.

    1. Not the same kind of "authoritarian" I'm talking about here, Pat.

  2. We live in a dangerous society but we must do a better job of identifying and helping mentally disturbed people. We can't expect the police to be responsible for this.

  3. has latest from Anchorage FBI. I feel for the families affected and for the 12K people treated poorly due to gov reaction to isolated shooter who laid on floor after running out of ammo and waited for police to enter area and arrest him. This guy owned the Glock 9mm and it was held by police after he went to FBI on 7 Nov and said he had problems and needed help. His gun was in his car along with his 2 month old kid, when he went inside FBI building. The FBI called local police to take him to hospital for eval. After he was released and cleared as stable, he retrieved his Glock from the police department on 8 Dec. They are trying to find out just what he was doing from that time until he bought an airline ticket. He did work at a security guard job in Anchorage, so I guess he was familiar with gun operation and shooting.
    Very sad for all, three are still in bad shape in the hospital.

  4. Ironically, I was just sitting here cleaning my two hi-cap 9s...but your friends are right. We MUST do a better job of helping those who need help, esp. our vets. Also Pat ftw, in my book.

  5. The sad fact is that this is now part of the everyday culture, unique to the U.S. So long as we value military style assault weapons and automatic guns over human lives nothing will change. The killings of the little kids at Sandy Hook should have shook us to the core. Nothing changed.

  6. Every time something like this happens and someone asks for better control to keep the guns out of the hands of the wrong people, I hear my NRA-loving friends shout that everyone should be able to carry a gun all the time - for their defense.

    I can't even imagine how many people would have been killed at that airport if there had been twenty, thirty, or a hundred gun-carrying people around, thinking they could save the right people.

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