Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Let's put some lipstick on this pig....

For years now we've heard about how our enemies were eating the USA alive via cyber-warfare.  They (N Korea, China, Iran, Russia, Russia, Russia) have been relentless in getting into every nook and cranny where we might hide our intellectual jewels.  They long ago mastered corporate espionage, stealing plans for everything we design and make.  And now they've hacked into our CIA, revealing our most sensitive national security secrets.  They say the most recent WikiLeaks information dump dwarfs anything Edward Snowden ever thought about handing over to the bad guys.

Throughout all this I've wondered, "So what are WE doing to THEM?  Surely we're not gonna just sit still while they bend us over?  Please tell me our nerds are better than their nerds."

Our nerds are better than their nerds.  

Our nerds long ago figured out how to hack into every TV, tablet, cell phone, hearing aid, picture frame, Viagra bottle, and toaster in the world.  Our spooks can listen in on every two-bit terrorist in the sandbox as he whispers sweet nothings into his camel's ear.  The night shift at CIA HQ probably makes prank phone calls to the Kremlin and makes it look like it's coming from Kim Jong Fatty Fat Fat's little pink princess phone on his nightstand.  Yes, we're THAT good!

Now the bad guys have figured out how to get into our secret stuff.  Scary, but at least I now know we have nerds that can go toe-to-toe with anyone, anywhere, anytime.   Game on!  More lipstick?


The Republican's new health care plan, whatever they care to call it, has already crashed and burned.  They're just putting on a show to make it look like they're at least trying.  Besides Speaker Ryan and Donnie John Trump, virtually no one else wants to be seen anywhere near it.

The Tea Party says it doesn't cut deep enough, that there are still too many poor swine getting gubment freebees.  The Liberals say they aren't about to turn poor people away from getting life-saving healthcare they otherwise can't afford.  Libertarians say "no" to any further "entitlements".  The American  Medical Association and various hospital groups are against it because they say poor people will lose their insurance and will all show up in emergency rooms again demanding to be seen for free.  The Old says its members can't afford premiums 5-times as expensive as the younguns, on and on.

The only ones who like it are the US Chamber of Commerce, because their members will save a buttload, and those making over $200,000 a year who will save an even bigger buttload.

Even lipstick isn't going to sell this wagon load of shit manure.




  1. Gonna need a lot of lipstick. The D.C. saga (aka train wreck) continues.

  2. If the Republicans were smart, which they aren't, they'd work with Democrats to improve Obamacare. Instead, they're going to hurt people by pushing through legislation that won't keep prices down and won't cover the 20 million people currently signed up. Republicans are falling into a trap of their own making. Ah shucks!

  3. And all of it, every bit, will be fine with the 26 or so million people who support trump no matter what he does, no matter what lies he tells, they believe him over the 'liberal press'. He says it's good, it's good. He says it's bad, it's bad. The moon is made of cheese? Sure.
    We're not so much at a crossroads as a schism....a genuine parting of the ways. There is no 'compromise' with people who believe the crap he has to offer, the racism, hatred and nationalistic spew he brings. We are now two different countries. I am not part of the America that believes in Trump. They are not part of my vision or those like me. We're past the notion 'we can all come together, we are are all Americans.' We are not.
    Be interesting times ahead.


  4. I worry about the hackers and everything they can do, and I worry about healthcare. I really would like to stop worrying for a while.