Friday, March 24, 2017

Wha...what? Flying pigs?...Icicles in Hell?...

Stubborn as hell and it never forgets.

Do you understand what's happening with this on again / off again healthcare bill about to come to a vote in Congress?  I think I have it figured out.  Here's my take:

The Red State congressional parasites have promised their constituents a Trillion Dollar tax cut, cause, you know, their folks need more $$$.  The first step to doing that is to trash ObamaCare.

The Blue State congressional parasites have promised their constituents more healthcare benefits with ideally even bigger subsidies.  They don't care what it costs because their constituents by-and-large won't be the ones paying for it.

Right now ALL House of Representatives Democrats (the Blues) will vote "no" because it cuts too deep, and many Republican Tea Party-types (the Reds) will vote "no" because it doesn't cut deeply enough.  Talk about strange bedfellows!  The bill is expected to fail.  But if by some miracle it passes, what then?

Then it's on to the Senate, where it's even less likely to pass, for the same reasons mentioned above.  The Republicans want their tax cut, dammit!  There are yachts that need buying!  They don't care who they have to whack to get it.  The Democrats just want their blank check.  Stalemate.

So what if the few moderate Democrats along with the few moderate Republicans sat down together and agreed to strengthen the good points of the ACA, aka ObamaCare, toss out the parts of the ACA that smell, and try to keep the expenses fairly blank check for the Dems, and no 1% welfare check for the GOP?  The fringes of both parties could just go to their respective corners and throw their little tantrums.

And to get President Trump to sign it, they can call it "DonnieJohnCare".  He'll love it!  He'll think it's FANTASTIC, just TERRIFIC!  What do ya think?



  1. I think Republicans never wanted a Federal Healthcare program, much as they were against Socia Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and Food Stamps. They ensured that the ACA would fail by sabotaging it every chance they got. They've had years to come up with a better plan and the one currently being debated is worse. Republicans will pay a huge price if they pass this bill.

    As for your question: sane people would go about fixing Obamacare, but Republicans are still trying to destroy Obama's legacy and don't actually want it to work.

  2. If it could happen, everyone wins and America becomes Great Again!

  3. Maybe the people fixing healthcare shouldn't be the ones who get free government healthcare--unless they're going to give it to all of us.

    But now the bill has been pulled. They'll have to go back to formula if they want their yachts.

  4. There you go again, making all sense and stuff.

    1. Sorry. I guess I'm just hopeless. ;)

  5. With the advantage of hindsight, I think the GOP has demonstrated, along with the so-called president, that they haven't the slightest idea of how to govern. They are bigger idiots than anyone of us could imagine. Their incompetence, the lack of what would pass for a party line and unity, ain't there. They are nincompoops.
    And we chose them, millions and millions of us.
    How do they like it now?

  6. The ACA was signed into law seven years and one day ago. The GOP has been whining and cranking ever since about how they were going to repeal and replace. So, they've had seven years and one day to have a plan and hit the ground running. Plan? What plan? Some half-assed scheme to trim the ACA? Even not-my-president Trump had the entire campaign to come up with a plan.

  7. The Republicans are the realization of the dog who caught the car it had been chasing but never dreamed it could catch. Echoing what others have said, they had years to create and then fine tune a health care plan but instead threw together a Frankenstein's monster that neither their moderates nor "Freedom Caucus" members could vote for.

    Overall, I agree with your assessment except for the what you said about the Democrats. While they are far from being free of sin, Trumpcare was going to hurt the very voters that put the strange orange man in the White House they had every right to not touch that legislation with a ten-foot pole.