Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dirty Harry lives!

How Donald Trump would like for us to see him

So far in his Presidency Donald Trump is batting 0.000.  By historical standards his first 70-something days have been a bust.  That might all change soon.  Donnie John lambasted Barack Obama for NOT doing anything to punish Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad after he said using chemical weapons would cross his "red line".  Assad did, and O'bama did nothing.

Until recently the US stated position on Syria was that Assad must leave office.  Last week, however, Sec State Tillerson said, no doubt with Prez Trump's approval, that the people of Syria would decide Assad's fate.  Read:  we're staying out of it.  And as no one should be surprised to learn, Assad heard this and felt emboldened to do whatever he wanted.  He chose to hammer some of his people with Sarin gas as a lesson to all those who opposed him....and the world, including Donald Trump, was repulsed.

Today Prez Trump said Assad crossed a red line when he killed innocents yesterday.  What?  Did...did Donnie John just say "red line"?  Whoa!  Let's review:  He's under assault at home.  The legislative agenda he ran and won on has so far struck out.  The wolves are nipping at his heels.  This crisis in Syria is a chance for him to break out and actually do something, and IMO he's just the Gambler to roll the dice.  I think he'll do something militarily.  I think he'll gas up the jets and send them on their way.  

Will it work?  

My extensive military background (zero) says on a micro level, yes.  Yes, we can spank Assad any time we want.  It will risk killing some Russians who are in Syria to prop up Assad, but Russia simply doesn't have the capability, short of all-out nuclear war, to do anything, and they aren't crazy enough to start WWIII over the little Turd al Assad.  Russia's power is greatly overblown at this time....they can talk the talk, but they aren't yet ready to walk the walk.  With the first Tomahawk impact, Assad will likely experience his first of many changes of underwear.  But on a macro level....

HOLD THE PRESSES:  The news just reported (8:20 PM) that the US has launched 50 cruise missiles at Syria.  I guess my point/post is now moot.

Over the next few days and weeks President Trump will be proven either a hero or a goat.  Interesting times.  Stay tuned.



  1. He'll never be a hero. Getting Assad out is just going to leave what's left of Syria to ISIL.

    1. I think many more people will applaud this than you might imagine. And not just his base, but even some liberals, too, who were repulsed by the sight of dead babies.

    2. America is entrenched in militarism. Gung Ho. Of course many will applaud. But, Pat's point is well taken. American presidents are made to be heroes anytime they take military action - right or wrong (Bush, et al.). That shouldn't make them a hero. As Pat said, it will leave another vacuum for ISIL to fill.

    3. And this is just the distraction they need from the Russian/Trump connection in the election investigation.

  2. Now that Trump's friend Putin is no longer useful and a liability, Trump is willing to go against him. Playing with our military's expensive toys must be a plus for Trump.