Saturday, April 8, 2017

First art show of the season

Today was our area's first arts festival of the 2017 season.  Deep Ellum is a freaky eclectic district just east of downtown Dallas of bars, tattoo parlors, and VERY LOUD music, and now they've cashed in on the art fest craze in a grand way, too.  Although you can't tell by this picture, the scenery *wink* was SPECTACULAR, and fortunately for me, K declared it a "look / just don't touch" event.  Fair enough.

 I'm not sure if this flattened-bottle-cap banana sculpture is meant to go in the living room or in the back yard next to the kids swing set and fort?

What can you say?  Willie is always smiling and irreverent, in good times or bad.

Unsurprisingly considering their usual clientele, the show didn't open until 11 am, and is open until 11 pm.  Then the party begins.  Last year they had a dog / costume parade, and it was advertised again this year, too, but I couldn't find it.  *pout*  But with 6 blocks of...umm..."unusual" artists to check out, there was no disappointment.

Besides the usual art fest street food, the permanent local restaurants were doing a booming business.  We had some superb Tex Mex cuisine, and enjoyed an excellent vantage point to see lots of eye candy, too.

It was a very laid back, casual show, except for the chickens.  The chickens were apparently pissed.

K bought me this nice sterling silver and leather wrist thing, and I bought her a pretty silver necklace from the same husband / wife artists.  I'm pretty sure we bought them a nice dinner out tonight.   ;)

Two more shows in the next month, Cottonwood (Richardson) and Southlake, both very good.  And at the end of the month I'll be at the North Texas British Car Show at White Rock Lake.  Good times!



  1. I, for one, am seriously disappointed in this post. Where are the photos of the eye candy???!!

    1. Sorry. I visually ate it all. *wink* Yum yum yum!

  2. I wish we had art shows like the ones you enjoy. I guess it's to rainy here.

    1. But you don't need an art show. You ARE an art show! ;)

  3. Yeay for art shows and car shows!