Friday, January 12, 2018

So tell us...have you stopped beating your wife?

Donald Trump's worst enemy is without doubt his own mouth, and it has his lawyers sweating...umm...bullets.

Yesterday I heard several legal experts who were asked if Donald Trump has to speak to Robert Mueller's investigators under oath.  Their unanimous answer:  yes he does.  Some Supreme Court decision awhile back (Nixon...Clinton?) said if subpoenaed, the President must appear and answer questions.  Trump's lawyers can indeed try to negotiate favorable terms for him, but Mueller is in the drivers seat.  "I don't remember" will likely backfire as these slick gubment prosecutors can ask seemingly innocent, unrelated questions that are all really leading up to the same answer, one they already know the answer to.  

Where Bill Clinton's Rhodes Scholar mind carefully considered the question before he answered "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is", Trump will just blurt out whatever first comes into his mind.  He doesn't understand the concept of "the powerful pause" before answering.  Proof?  See yesterday's "shithole African countries" comment.

They said if President Trump's lawyers can't negotiate a deal whereby he can answer written questions with written answers carefully crafted by them, they'll likely advise the President to just pardon everyone remotely involved and then resign.

Interesting times.



  1. I can't imagine the circumstances that would cause trump to resign. He's already denying saying the phrase despite 6 senators and their aides were in the room with him and have attested to it. He knows his followers will either not care, agree with what he said, or say the witnesses are out to get him and a conspiracy.
    More likely is that trump will do something like start a war, declare a nat'l emergency, and 'delay' elections if he thinks he'll come out on the short end of the vote.
    I don't think he's clever, cunning, intelligent, etc. I think he's a nut, and appeals to the worst in us.
    I also think that one of the very few true things he's said is when he said he could shoot somebody on 5th ave and he wouldn't lose a single supporter.

    1. I agree, in the past his natural response when being attacked is to stand firm, drop anchor, and call in his lawyers to fight back on his behalf. However, I think he might actually consider resigning before he would let his family be hauled off to prison, especially if there was some side agreement to not touch his business(es).

  2. It has to be hell trying to represent him.

  3. U.S. Ambassador to Panama resigned today, saying he can no longer serve under a Trump administration. First of many?

  4. I remember a saying of sorts from my time in SE Asia that might be applicable to all the people who've chosen to work for trump: "It's a big shit sandwich, and we've all got to take a bite."

  5. Trump and his mouth are like a bratty four-year-old kid running around the house with two large butcher knives...