Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giddiup cowboy

Yesterday I stopped by my daughter's house for a few minutes and noticed on the way there that all the streets in her community have old west / cowboy names.  This reminded me of a post not long ago by my friend Bruce Taylor pointing out similar street names in the area where he lives. Some examples in daughter Erica's neighborhood:

I guess that's all pretty cool....if you're a fan of those sorts of things.  At the risk of betraying my Texas roots, I must admit I'm not.  I was never into Roy and Dale and Gene and all that "yee-haw" stuff.  


Some of the, MOST of the things our government does baffles me.  I read today that so far Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, now wholly owned by the taxpayers after they went bust back in the Meltdown of '08, have spent nearly $100M defending the actions of several of their former executives against accusations of hokus pokus bookkeeping and securities fraud.  And who's making those accusations?  Our government.  We're essentially suing ourselves.

While such "agreements to defend" are common in corporate America, the inspector general of the agency defending the former Fannie/Freddie executives says those agreements went out the window back in '08 when the government took them over, but because we're such nice guys suckers, we're defending them anyway.  And it isn't like these guys are indigent.  Hardly!  (Former CEO Franklin Raines was paid over $90M.)  Let 'em defend themselves!  I sometimes think our government just goes out looking for piles to step in.  *shaking head*



  1. Where's the street sign for my favorite western hero, that master of frontier gibberish: Gabby Hayes? I couldn't have sat through many of those horse operas without good ole Gabby. Since I shared a last name with him I thought when I was a kid that we were related.

  2. I'm with you Scott on Roy and Dale and Gene. Yes! Hopalong Cassidy was the real cowboy hero! He dressed in black in spite of being on the side of law. And he never opened his mouth anywhere near a guitar.

  3. This reminds me of some streets that meet together in a neighboring city here. I happened upon it years ago - one street's name going east/west is Robert and the street going through it north/south is Beck. Yes, I have a friend - and old friend actually from long ago - whose name is Robert Beck, lol.