Thursday, February 23, 2012

No more "all-nighters" for me

When you were in school did you ever put off reading those last few chapters until an hour before class, or start writing that essay due the next day at the 11th hour, or maybe procrastinate cracking the books in preparation for a big exam until the day before?   No?  Me either.  I was always prepared long before  *HUGE LIGHTNING BOLT...DEAFENING CLAP OF THUNDER*  OK....OK....maybe once or twice I was caught off guard.  Sheesh!

K and I have one month before we move to cull through our stuff, decide which of our "family heirlooms" we'll keep, which we'll continue to store, and which we'll toss.  Come moving day I'm gonna have my shit together!  No more "all-nighters" for me. 

I've decided my big oak desk and 3-drawer oak file cabinet will go on Craig's List today.  Right now they're fulfilling the Murphy's Law that says "the amount of junk you have is directly proportional to the amount of storage space you have."  The exercise bike goes on there, too (once I dust the cob webs off it), and some nice art prints I've had stored for years.  Good riddance.  I'm really into this minimalist thing.  "Travel light and freeze at night" as they say.

Today's rant:  Afghani-f>>king-stan.  What a hell-hole.  Even after a sincere apology the natives are attacking our people there in protest for destroying some Korans or something like that.  Here's what I say....pack up all our stuff, load up the planes, what you can't load, pile up and throw a match on it, and get the hell out.  There isn't one thing, NOT ONE THING there that interests me.  

As it is foreign aid by us (and our allies) make up 97% of their gross national income.  They'll have to find 'em another national pastime besides shaking down gringo's.   El Presidente Humid Carbide and his graft-grabbing buddies can kiss my a$$.  Let 'em go back to doing what they do best....breaking big rocks into little bitty rocks.  It's what made them the great progressive country they are today.

Ahhh....better. :)



  1. I see no reason for us to remain in Afghanistan. I thought the Russians were stupid for hanging in there for eight years and now we've been there for ten with little to show for it. We need to develop an alternative energy source, anything but oil, so the Middle East can sink back into the sand.

  2. I agree with you & Stephen - let's just make it so we don't have to care anymore (and this is a bleeding heart save the planet liberal saying this!).

  3. Ah, Scott, a good rant does the heart good. I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. Moving and going through all your stuff is a pain, but the rewards of a new, clean, clutter-less place are wonderful.

    However, after our last move I told my husband that if we had to move again, I'd take my purse and car keys and just burn the rest. All of it.