Saturday, February 18, 2012

She's created a MONSTER!

Remember the horror movie where the little kid turns into a monster, his eyes glowing in the dark, etc?  Was that The Omen?  Anyway, that's what K's little dog has turned into.  He got a haircut yesterday for the first time and I don't think he liked it, and he's taking it out on ME!

I think she should have named him Damien.  Every night this week he hasn't slept well.  He wakes up at 3 am and whines, so K gets up with him and tries to calm him back down.  Consequently she's had no where near enough sleep all week.  By last night she was just dragging.  I told her I would take dog duty on Friday night / Saturday morning so she could sleep in.

Sure enough at 3:15 the little bastard starts whining.  I took him into the den and put him on his round dog bed while I tried to go back to sleep on the couch.  (NOTE:  I'm 6 feet tall, but the couch is only about 5' 6" between the arms on the ends.  How do those big-ape basketball players sleep at night?)  I tried lying on my side (which women can't do BTW because they don't have a kick-stand :) with my legs all bent up, but that was NOT conducive to sleep.

And it didn't matter anyway because all wanted to do was scratch at the bedroom door and whine for K.  Well guess what K?  You wanted to "bond" with YOUR dog?  You got your wish!  I tried picking him up to keep him away from the bedroom door so K could sleep, but trying to hold him is like trying to hold a 5 pound glob of jello during an earthquake!  Finally I gave up and took him back to K and said, "I tried...he's yours", and then I went back to the couch so he could sleep IN MY BED.  

Then this morning we heard the loudspeakers blaring and the crowd cheering because our neighborhood is hosting yet another 5K / 10K / Fun Run.  I'm pretty sure Luke had something to do with that event, too, just to spite me.  I'm surprised there wasn't a banner stretched across the street that said, "WAKE UP, SCOTT.  NO SLEEP TODAY FOR YOU".  If you ever want to pull off a bank heist, do it the same morning they're having a 5K in Plano, TX because all the cops are there blocking off streets, setting up barricades, acting as crowd control, etc.  Nobody's watching the banks.  You could be in New Mexico before they could send a cop to the crime scene. 

I think I might have to re-visit my childhood and take a nap today.  Which might not be a bad idea as it's supposed to rain all day anyway.

Later, friends.


PS...Yeah, yeah, I know.  He's cute.  :)


  1. I imagine it would be hard getting used to any dog after losing your dear Emma Belle, but hang in there and I'm sure you will prevail. You're obviously a good husband to try and help K sleep, but don't let your new bundle of joy kick you out of your bed for too long.

  2. Even though our cats perambulate in the darkness hours they are quiet about it.

  3. Time for obedience training to show the cute little monster who is top dog!

    I'm not a dog person, but my co-worker swears that obedience training for his dog was good for both him AND the dog.

  4. I am trying not to laugh too hard! Yes, he sure is cute! Good luck.

  5. That's OK Joan. Laugh on. I'm sure Luke and I looked like a Three Stooges skit.

    Peeper....Yes, we definitely have plans for obedience school. :)

    Bruce....Dogs, or at least MY dogs, have never been quiet.

    Stephen....It'll be ok. I'm sure he'll blink first.