Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cars and Coffee, July 2014

As I suspected would be the case, attendance at this month's Cars and Coffee event was down by roughly 25% due to many of the regular attendees being out of town for the holidays.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it was much easier to walk around and take photos....there were lots of unique cars there I hadn't seen before.

The oddest of the odd had to be this 1960 Panhard.  Can you guess its country of origin?

A clue?  OK...."stinky cheese"...."escargot"....DOH....

Yes, France!  The home of the world famous Le Odd School of Automotive Design.

Doesn't it just scream, "Stop the assembly line!  We're out of wine." 

It completely out classed the East Germans, who nevertheless proudly displayed their ever-popular Trabant.  How 'bout that fine build quality, huh?  (Take note J.D. Powers.)

McLaren was there showing off their uber-exotic P1.

Fetching from any angle.

Here's one I'd never heard of...a Rossion Q1.

It's a specialty American maker and it's based on the British Noble M400.  Meh.

I saw this Jaguar F-Type coupe there, the first coupe I've seen in the flesh.  It is truly spectacular from this angle. 

Unfortunately IMO the front doesn't impress as much.  It seems a bit busy.

This was a true rarity....a 1990 BMW Z1.

The owner told us there were only 8000 made, all for Europe, although a dozen now reside in the US.

The most interesting thing about this unique car were the doors.  They "opened" by sliding down into the door sills.  Oh, those wacky Germans!

Whatcha lookin' at Scott Tweety?

Anglophile that I am, you knew I'd be drawn to the British sports cars.

This very nice 1962 Triumph TR4 stirred me.  ( I said "stirred", not "shaken".  :)

Likewise did this classic Triumph Spitfire, although I think it would have looked better in British Racing Green, especially with that tan leather interior.  That's my favorite color combination on British sports cars.

How about some vintage off-roaders?  This was one of the best back in its day, the Toyota 40-series Land Cruiser.

Newly refurbished Ford Broncos like this have developed a cult following and are now demanding top dollar.

Most unusual paint job of the day went to this iridescent purple/green Mazda RX-8.  The verdict is still out.

The worst....this Fiat 500, although Peter Max fans might disagree.

This BMW 1600 Cabrio was impressively restored and maintained. 

Beautiful!  Love it!

Some classic Americana....

....a '59 Cheeevy.  Fins rock!

Anyone remember the Nash Rambler?

Yes, this was the car immortalized in >>the "Beep Beep" song<< by the Playmates in 1958. 

Ahhh....Hula girls, fuzzy dice, curb feelers, and necker knobs.  Who remembers?

I know!

Looks like the rolling Tacky Party made it to Dallas just in time. 

Note the Sapporo beer tap handle as the gear shift. (Walmart, here they come!)

But for simple, classic understated style....

....I think I'd take this '70's-era Ferrari 308 home.

Hope you enjoyed Cars and Coffee/Dallas, July 2014.  :)



  1. Nice. Took a while. Got hung up right after the Z1 Beemer on that yellow roadster with the blue shorts.

    1. Yeah, I lingered there a while myself. ;)

  2. That Trabant is a rarity, a fair amount of the car was made of cardboard. It had a 2-stroke engine at first. When the wall went down in '89 east Germans drove them into west Germany to sell them.

    The Land Cruiser looks like a '71, I had one for several years. This one looks pretty tricked-out, what I could see of the frame I bet little is left of the original. The engine was a metric version of the old Chevy 6-cylinder 235ci, lousy milage, 60 mph was close to the top speed, but in low range it could climb damn near everything.

    Nice post!

    1. Thanks SFM. This Trabant, too, had a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine, with the oil/fuel mix tank under the hood.

  3. Love all your pictures and your cheeky comments. You did have some unusual cars there. And you are right, sometimes there are so many people around it's difficult to get any decent pictures.

  4. That Landcruiser looks like a lot of fun. These cars are wonderful combinations of art and engineering.

  5. What, no MGA?
    Never heard of that first one, but I guessed the country as it seems similar to the Peugeot.

  6. Nice photos. Enjoyed the post.

  7. Good afternoon Sir,

    The Panhard you shared on your blog is for sale and I am very interested in purchasing it. Do you remember anything about it that was negative or needed attention? I would like to add it to a collection of post WW2 vehicles from France. Sincerely, Francois.